Planning to build a new house or wanting to change the shape of your house then continue reading this article as we have brought for you today some excellent trends for modern house design 2019 that will help you to make your dream house.

All the newly built modern houses have used these trends in the interiors and the results are pretty amazing. The 10 modern house designs 2019 are built using these trends only and seeing them you will just say “wow”.

Just have a look at all the modern house trends so that you can also build your dream house following them. These trends will give an amazing look to your house along with giving a warm welcome to your guests. Then, have a look at the following house design ideas brought to you by Architectures Ideas.

Artisanal Fixtures & Natural Elements

The artisan fixtures personalize your home and just like the natural elements, they help to shift the focus of the home from the tech world to the natural world.

In 2019, we saw that the trend is moving towards the fresh and natural elements like stone, copper, granite, and concrete instead of the tech-obsessed décor. These natural elements will bring a serene and organic ambiance to any space. The natural elements will help to maintain the environment of your house fresh and pure always. Your guests will surely love your environment-friendly décor and will appreciate it for sure.

Velvet furnishings

Velvet which was seen as old fashioned and stuffy is now considered luxurious and funky. This fabric has already started getting a lot of attention and many designers are believing that it will be one of the most sought-after trends of 2019. You can make awesome velvet sofas for your living room.

Floral patterns

The floral patterns on the wall are very popular these days and believe us, it actually looks pretty great. These patterns will surely help you to make your house look beautiful. Consult any good interior designer and take proper advice from them for selecting the best design for your house.

Copper Accents & Brass Decor

One of the most used decor trends of 2018 was rose gold but for 2019 it is expected that copper accents will be in trend along with a mixture of other metals. The overall earthy hue and red and orange tones of the copper is a much-needed breath of fresh air for the house.

This year it is expected that people will wave goodbye to stainless steel and polished nickel and welcome the brass accents once again in their homes. Brass is a warm and subtle alternative to the steel accents.

Richer Color Palletes

The designers believe that 2019 will be the year where bolder colors are preferred. You can have the dramatic reds, bold yellows, statement pinks and organic greens for your house to look attractive and elegant.

Black and White Décor & Millennial Pink

The black and white furnishings will be on the trending list of the home décor in 2019. The contrast between black and white will provide a sense of boldness and balance to the space of your home.

Pink was a massive hit in the last year and is getting a lot of attention this time too. The pink shade has already made its way into the home décor and fashion and in 2019, it is expected that it will get incorporated in the space of the home in new, creative and unique ways.

Tonal Reds & Burnt Yellow

In the past years, the trend was towards the cooler colors such as blues and greens. Now, the trend is going to change and the warmer tones are going to be more popular. The tonal red is a great way to add the contrast and also providing the warmth for making your home more inviting.

Earlier, the yellow shade was seen as too overwhelming and dramatic but in the upcoming year, this color will be definitely trending. There is no doubt that yellow is the color which exudes happiness, cheer, and confidence. The burnt yellow will surely make your home feel joyous in 2019.

Geometric Patterns

The geometric patterns just like the floral patterns have started attracting the attention of everyone. These patterns have expected to become a dramatic presence. The colors will be bolder with these patterns. This trend will make a bold statement in any room.

Concrete accents

Don’t wonder if you see the concrete into the home décor very soon. The geometric concrete tiles will get very much popular. It will provide a crisp, clean and fine look to your house.

So, these were the different trends for modern house design 2019 that will attract everyone’s attention in this year. If you are planning to make a new house for yourself or planning to renovate your old house then don’t forget to follow these amazing trends for building an amazing house.

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