Your client attraction device is one of the most important assets of your business. It provides the ethical bribe that entices visitors to your site to opt into your email list so that you can begin marketing to them.

I first wrote about this topic a few years ago. However, I have recently updated my own client attraction device and wanted to provide an updated list of how I'm promoting it.

Here are 10 more ways to promote your client attraction device:

1. Social networking updates via hashtag campaign. Create a hashtag name (like #getclients) and then write 10-15 140-character updates that link to your client attraction device landing page. You can post these on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. If you use a social media manager like Hootsuite, (link to ) you can schedule these updates to post at a later date and keep them rotating throughout the year.

2. Videos and slideshows. Just like you might promote an event or a product launch, create a video and a slideshow about your client attraction device and post it to video and slidesharing sites. Be sure and note your client attraction device landing page URL in the description section for the video and slidecast.

3. Call to action in content syndication. If you are syndicating your content to various video, slideshare, podcast, and document sharing sites, make the call to action in these documents a request to download your client attraction device by opting into your email list.

4. Press release. The launch of a new client attraction device is as newsworthy as anything else. Write a press release celebrating this fact and submit it to the online press release sites.

5. Attention-getting placement on your web site. The best way to capture your visitor's attention is to have something pop up in front of her when visiting your site. This might include a hover ad (link to ) that floats in after someone has been on your site for a short period of time, a slideup ad that might emerge from the bottom of your site, or a popup toolbar that appears near the browser toolbar when viewing your site. I wouldn't use all three concurrently, but use at least one on your site.

In addition, be sure that your client attraction device is placed prominently in the upper right-hand side sidebar of every page your site, as that's where the visitor's eye is drawn when looking at a site. Because most visitors won't enter your site through your home page, it is essential that they get the message to opt into your list on whichever page they are taken to enter your site.

6. Facebook tab/app. Create a Facebook tab, (link to ) now called an app, for your giveaway. Design an attention-getting app icon (size 111 x 74 pixels) that shows up as one of the first 4 apps on your business page's timeline profile. Use text in the image like "Click for Tips" to create a reason to click the thumbnail image to access the app. Rename the app itself by thinking in terms of action, like "Download Now!" to entice your visitor to take the desired action.

7. Paid advertising or ad swaps. You can easily create a Facebook ad, Google pay-per-click ad, or find an ezine publisher willing to send out a solo ad for you in her ezine, swap ads in an ezine, or permit you to purchase an ad in her ezine.

8. Publish in Amazon or iTunes. If your client attraction device is an ebook or special report, publish it on Amazon's Kindle. Be sure and use primary keywords in your description which a prospect might use when searching for info like yours on Amazon. And, if your giveaway is an audio or video, put it in the iTunes store. Amazon and Kindle are two of the biggest players online with millions of searches each day. Doesn't it make sense that your info is found there?

9. Search engine traffic. Research to determine what keywords people are using for your particular client attraction giveaway topic and incorporate that information into the title and content of your giveaway, the landing page meta tags, and the descriptive content on the landing page so that your page is more easily found when conducting a search for those terms.

10. Ebook directories. If your client attraction device is a PDF document, submit it to one of the many ebook directories. Kim Roach provides a great list here.

Don't let your free giveaway languish on your hard drive! Use of of these strategies to get your client attraction device into the hands of people who need your solution!

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