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1. What number days area unit spare to go to Andaman for honeymoon?

Being AN island, Andaman could seem to be terribly tiny in size, however don’t let that fool you. There are a unit quite enough places in Andaman to explore. There are a unit lots of Andaman honeymoon tour packages that provide you everything that you’re trying to find during a package. you would like a minimum of 5 to 6 days to pay in Andaman, if you actually need to relish the wonder of the island. something from six to 12 days is ideal. There are a unit nearly innumerable beaches that line the coast, waiting to be explored.

2. Will we have a tendency to visit Baratang Island? however am i able to go there?

Your Andaman trip would basically be incomplete while not a visit to Baratang Island. The journey from Port Blair to Baratang is concerning AN hour and a [*fr1] long, and may be coated by automotive or bus. Cars area unit allowed to labor under in convoys solely, and at bound nominal time as you pass the protected forest region. The convoys from Jirkatang area unit regular at 06:30 AM, 07:00 AM, 07:30 AM, 08:00 AM, 09:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 01:30 PM and 02:30 PM. No two-wheelers area unit allowed. The lead vehicle in these convoys could be a bus, carrying some of armed police guards. make sure to depart your building early within the morning if you wish to come to Port Blair identical day tho'.

3. however way is Barren Island from Port Blair? the way to reach there?

Barren Island is one among the foremost amusing and mysterious islands of Andaman, because it homes an energetic volcano. It sits concerning one hundred thirty five kilometer faraway from Port Blair, and is highest to cloth covering. whereas it's a touch burdensome to visit Barren Island, it's far more gratifying. Reach cloth covering Island, that is concerning three hours faraway from Port Blair, from wherever board a shared trip to Barren Island otherwise you can want a seaplane ride.

4. However is that the nightlife in Andaman?

If you the wonder of Andaman is enjoyed solely throughout daytime, it’s time to line that straight. If you crave some nighttime adventures, nothing beats the expertise of jungle trekking throughout the night. the simplest places for night trekking area unit Saddle Peak, Baratang stone Caves, and Mount Harriet park. If you’re desire some night romance, relish a beautiful candle-light dinner by the beach, or perhaps go night diving. you would possibly simply be the sole ones there! you'll conjointly go bar hopping and take a look at out some nice exotic beverages. Beach bivouacking and bonfires sound fun too? you'll do all of that in Andaman tour packages!

5. What form of food can i purchase in Andaman? Is eater food simply available?

Since Andaman is an island, a number of their best delicacies embody food. But yes, eater food is additionally simply offered in and around Andaman. attempt restaurants like Shakahaar in cloth covering and Icy Spicy, Annapurna, and Punjabi Dhaba in Port Blair for the simplest eater food. There conjointly a decent range of restaurants close to Radhanagar Beach, Bharatpur beach and Sitapur beach serving wonderful eater food.

6. What area unit the simplest places in Andaman to try to breathing machine Diving?

The coastal paradise of Andaman is acclaimed for skin diving, the master of all water sports and adventures! cloth covering and Neil Island area unit the simplest places to expertise skin diving in Andaman. The volcanic fantastic thing about Barren Island conjointly guarantees an exhilarating skin diving expertise. additional places to explore the adventures of skin diving area unit Elephant Beach, North Bay, spiritual leader Marine park, and 5 Island.

7. Is alcohol allowed in Andaman?

With Andaman Excursion Travel Company, Not solely is alcohol allowed in Andaman, however it's conjointly offered at rates cheaper than anyplace else in Asian nation. There are a unit a few of outlets commercialism alcohol in cloth covering, at reasonable rates, because it is one among the foremost standard places to go to in Andaman. bound elements of the island, like social group areas, could have some restrictions, however it's nothing that you just ought to worry concerning, as alcohol is out there in majority of islands in Andaman, that area unit wide most well-liked by tourists.

8. However does one get to Neil Island from Port Blair?

There is a government ferry to Neil Island that starts from Port Blair. The ferry ride begins from Phoenix Bay doubly daily, at 06:30 AM and 11:00 AM, taking concerning 2 hours to achieve Neil Island. it's recommended to possess you tickets set-aside prior to at cloth covering or Port Blair tho'. purpose to be noted, these ferry rides is also subject to climatic conditions.

9. What area unit the journey activities I will do at cloth covering Island?

Havelock Island is one among the foremost standard islands of Andaman. it's glorious best for exciting water sports activities like skin diving, skin diving, surfing, ocean walking, kayaking, island hopping, and sailplaning. With a virtually endless ocean of activities at your disposal, there’s no shortage of neurotransmitter and journey in cloth covering. whereas all of those adventures area unit equally exciting, skin diving at cloth covering steals the limelight. Neil Island, Elephant Beach and Radhanagar Beach area unit the simplest places to derive pleasure these activities.

10. That area unit the simplest Islands to go to in Andaman on honeymoon?

Andaman is home to concerning one hundred twenty islands, out of that solely concerning forty area unit livable .every island is gorgeous in it’s own means, and has one thing distinctive to supply. Ross Island, cloth covering Island, Neil Island, the North Bay Island, Ross and Smith Island, 5 Island, Baratang Island, Red Skin Island, very little Andaman and Inglis Island area unit the foremost lovely and standard destinations in Andaman. If you’re a seeker of unconventional spots, explore Jolly Buoy Island, or sail up to Barren Island for a really venturous and unforgettable honeymoon.

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