A rhyme says" Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". The truth behind it is not far-fetched, as the morning is an important part of the day that decides the outcome of events that unfolds during the course of the day. Significantly, people have diverse ways of tapping into their circadian rhythm, (The natural body time — circadian rhythm — works 24-hour cycle taking assistance from the environment (such as darkness and lightness exercise) to assist in moderating energy levels, sleep, metabolism, etc.) to wake up at the "right time"; ether by using an alarm or by any other means to get awoken. However, the routines most effective and appropriate for the morning which would reflect an awesome life to everyone isn't just about waking up but consistently following the routines right from the wake! The routines are;

1. Plan Ahead

Beyond the realm of positivity, one of the most exciting part of the routine is done a day before! You don’t need to burn candles. On the night of the previous day when the ambience of nature speaks calmness, the best thing to do is plan ahead! A one-time world heavyweight champion, in his hay day disclosed in an interview that luck only comes for those who planned a platform for it. Other great people have emphasized on the simplicity and confidence gained in planning ahead. It necessarily does not need to be a second by second details of what is to be done rather, an outlined jotting of major tasks to be carried out and how it is to be done. For instance, Spread out your clothes and ensure to have things on ground for a nutritious breakfast.

The routine is to avoid (decision or judgment fatigue), little things that could slow down the activity of the day as well as helps the capacity of making decisions.

2. Keeping your blinds opened

The natural way of waking up to get into an awesome vibe for the day is through the sunlight. The power of light can be seen in a process called photosynthesis. Now, moving away from plants, it is an effective medium of illuminating ones thought early in the morning. The change from night to light just by opening your eyes to it ignites a feeling of positivity. Melatonin is a hormone that aids sleep, and a field of research called chronobiology has figured out that the light from the sun triggers the body to realize the birth of a new day. Thus, it stops the body from producing the melatonin. The routine of keeping your blinds opened jeers the transformation of your life into an ecstatic illuminating realm.

3. Avoiding emails

Respect the harmony and peace of your morning! Some say it makes or mars their day. The smartphone has helped in increasing the not too smart attitude of people ever since its firm grip on this age. The idea of waking up at any time to tap on the screen of the phone is indeed not a wise one. The consciousness of wanting to know the latest and keeping updated is good but the relativistic nature of doing this as a routine is a vice that shouldn't be allowed if a transformed life is to achieved. Being productive reduces on an instance of overwhelming flood of message coming from Facebook, twitter, email, etc. The probability of having a constructive day rolls into a swarmy ditch of doubt. This happens when the control of ones emotions is lost by one news, mail or information.

Basically, shunning an external activity is quite important for the morning as it could disrupt ones plan for the day, especially internet related ordeals.

4. Stop the Worrying

In planning ahead, we realize that a stitch in time saves nine. Not just that, allowing illumination and avoiding mails for a routine breaks when on the inside, the worry level is on a devastating high level. Mentally occupying yourself barely minutes into the wake of your morning would only hinder the order of the simple progression of a transforming change. It only increases the indefinite level of anxiety causing a big strife between calmness and disruption of thoughts as early as possible. It is vital to live in the present and enjoy every bit of the air coming to and fro the lungs. No better routine for the morning than to stop worrying.

5. Meditate

Fixing ones mind up on something! It is a conscious act that has been practiced by different religionists to focus and refocus.

“Silencing the brain is a way of adding creativity, being contemplative and staying true to oneself,”. Some people haven't gotten the urge to meditate and see no good in the somewhat intentional shutting out of self. It is not the case at all! Meditating is effective and far more efficient to relishing the innermost part of ones thought. It is a lifelong transformation process if consistent with, would make the world a central believe system. That is, as long as you can envision it from your inside and stay tuned to it, you can achieve it! Talking about the believes and positive yearnings needed for the day. The morning just got better with this fantastic routine. All you need to do is be calm, focus your thoughts and reason creatively.

6. Drink Water

Water has been proven to be more medicinal than any form of medicine early in the morning. Especially, water containing fresh lemon in it holds a lot of great things to transform ones life--but should be taken as the first thing in the morning. It kick-starts metabolism that burns fat even as it sustains the muscle, cleansing the mouth and throat, plus giving a refined energy. Waiting before brushing, drinking, or eating for thirty minutes is important. Although, it might be a bit hard if not hard for caffeine addicts, but help reduce the love for coffee fix. It helps flush the stomach and not to forget that water aids digestion too. Thus, a good routine that transforms life is birthed.

7. Regular exercise

Honing skill and ability or improving strength and fitness, whichever form of exercise is to be practiced should be light. The day is quite young and the strength needed for mental fitness can be garnered in undergoing different light exercises. Exercises produces endorphins ( a chemical produced by the brain to gradually reduce discomfort and pain as well as increase the wellbeing of the body). It's a core improvable to the speed of your mental processor. The routine is believed by some to reduce the work rate for the day and cause a huge havoc in destabilizing the overall outcome of the day. On the contrary, It helps boost the brain, immunes and the energy. The scope of having regular morning exercise is too simple to be found complicated. You could have a sit up, stretch and any form of exercise to start a morning of change that will transform your life.

8. Take Breakfast

Earlier in the day is when our metabolism works better. It simply means the body can turn calories to energy better in the morning. Food is a source of energy and a proven health caterer. So why not just breakfast eat? As funny as the question sounds, the truth lies in the smile that comes from eating! Show me a stern looking eater and I tell you its the food. Asides being an energizing thing to do in the morning, the food taking in the morning also gives a level of confidence to you. You can't just feel empty when you are filled! It is a routine that transforms the life as well as the body.

9. Meeting Someone you love

No doubt, the first set of people you come across is your family or someone so dear to you. You definitely can't be staying with someone who doesn't care about you. It is a surety that all days cannot be good but in the bad times, who are those ones that help us through it. They are our loved ones. The smile they give and the soothing words of a good morning is one transforming routine that can change your life. While preparing for work talk to one!

10. Blast some great tunes and be creative

Be creative. Before taking information– tuning your radio, just after your breakfast, but before getting out of your house – do something different. It is not necessarily what you do at work but something more on aptitude, anything: Start your day in creativity-mode. Music stimulates your morning energetically by igniting the vibe of your mind! You can't go back to sleep! You just got fired up for the day and everyone sees it. The routine is quite exciting and indeed a life transforming one.

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Sally Kirchell lives in Rosalie, Brisbane and helps run an online art business called Blue Horizon Prints, she is a mother of 2 lively children, a parent to 3 dogs, a keen writer, traveler and photographer and women that needs a holiday with lots of margaritas after juggling all these things.

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