#1 Learn how eco-friendly your area is:

Enter your postcode in Friends of the Earth’s snew online tool to display collected data for your area, looking at transport, waste, renewable energy, housing and the percentage of tree coverage, together with an overall percentage score out of 100. The site offers advice on how you can help improve this score and provides the option to view the area’s full dataset.

#2 Save money by splitting rail fares:

Travel-booking service Trainline has launched a new tool that lets you save money on rail travel by buying multiple tickets covering different stages of the same journey. It’s not a new idea, butSplitSave now works within the train line app forAndroid and, so you can simply search for tickets as normal and be alerted splitting tickets proves cheaper.

In each case, the SplitSave options are flagged, with a detailed breakdown of the tickets involved so you can buy them all at once. The tickets can then be saved in the Trainline app or your Apple Wallet.

#3 See how Europe's Motorways grew:

In 1924, Italy completed the world's first motorway, from Milan to Varese; it took another 34 years for the UK to follow suit with the Preston Bypass. To see how the rest of Europe’s motorway network evolved, take the Victoria &Albert Museum’s interactive map for a spin. It charts the development of the continent's superhighways – just keep scrolling to see the road network build before your eyes.

You can also select the specific year and click Read More for extra information, including the length of the road, get a close-up view and map city names and ferry routes. The map has a night mode, too.

#4 Explore emotions evoked by music:

According to a new study in which participants in the US and China were asked to listen to snippets of music and describe their feelings, tunes can evoke more than 13 key emotions in human beings. You can explore these emotions plotted on an interactive map that lets you hover over color-coded categories, hear music samples and see the emotions registered.
Source: https://bit.ly/3bOrkeV

#5 Check the world’s most at-risk locations:

This interactive map assesses the world's most dangerous countries based on medical concerns, road safety, and security. Select a tab to see a global, color-coded risk profile and search for a specific country or city for evaluation.
Source: https://www.travelriskmap.com/#/planner/map

#6 Listen to Radiohead songs:

Radiohead let fans pay what they wanted for In Rainbows and now you can stream the band’s entire discography on YouTube for free, with videos where available.

#7 Browse historic butterfly images:

Drawing on digital records from the Natural History Museum, this collection of 150,000 butterfly images from the past 100 years has been organized and classified using deep learning.
Source: bit.ly/butterfly493

#8 Stream PC games to your mobile device:

With Rainway’s new apps for ios and android, you can play your favorite PC games on your mobile device. By running Rainway on a Windows 10 PC, games can be launched on your computer and streamed to your phone or tablet.

The software captures the screen in real-time and sends it to your device via a peer-to-peer network. Since you’ll be playing games that you already own from services such as Steam, Xbox Game Pass and Epic Games, you won’t need to fork out for new copies.

You can also enjoy the titles by connecting a gamepad or by using your fingers on the screen to replace the mouse input. It takes less than a minute to get everything up and running (simply scan a QR code on the PC’s Rainway Dashboard), and the entire service is free to use.
Source: https://bit.ly/2ws9PAE

#9 Discover the best time to book your holiday:

If you’re planning this year’s holiday but aren’t sure about the best time to visit your chosen destination or how much it's going to cost, it’s worth heading over to Google’s updated Travel site. Here, you can not only check the typical weather over the year but see how busy and expensive the location can become.

To view the data, select the Hotels tab in the left-hand column and enter a destination, then click When To Visit to see the peak and non-peak travel seasons broken down by month. You can then select What You’ll Pay to see average prices across different grades of the hotel and choose Where to stay for the lowdown of the best areas ranked in order. This includes information about what you can expect to see and do, as well as an average location score provided by travelers.
Source: https://bit.ly/3bUJafZ

Delete your last request:
If you accidentally trigger google Assistant into action, you can cancel your most recent voice command by saying, “Hey Google, that wasn’t for you”.

Use To-Do shortcuts:
Users of the Microsoft Todo App can now use Siri shortcuts as of version 2.7. This lets you create shortcuts that open specific lists or add new tasks. Find them in yourTo Do settings and tap Add Task.

Play a board game:
Alexa can now play along with the board game Ticket to Ride. You need to have the physical product, then say: “Alexa, launch Ticket to ride” and it’ll join in, play sound effects and even keep score.


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