Flanked by Bhutan, China and Nepal, Sikkim has for quite some time been viewed as one of the last Himalayan Shangri-las. In spite of the fact that the state is just little, its vertical territory makes it easy to cross. Here are the best attractions and spots to visit close to Sikkim that you must incorporate in your schedule.


Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim which can be visited with Gangtok tour package from Kolkata, is built on a misty slope. At the point when the mists clear, it's conceivable to see the distance to Khangchendzonga's pinnacles. The city is refreshingly perfect and efficient.


In a demonstration of the way that Sikkim is a superb place for meditating, just about 200 religious monasteries dab the celestial peaks. The most visited religious monasteries in Sikkim are Rumtek, Pemayangtse, and Tashiding.

3.Natu La

Nathu La, 3 hours east of Gangtok on the Chinese borderline, was a noteworthy way on the Old Silk Route among India and Tibet before it was shut in 1962. The outskirt comprises of a solitary security barrier, and you'll get the excitement of seeing the Chinese fighters on the opposite side.

4.Flora and Fauna Sanctuaries

Sikkim is famous for its dumbfounding assortment of feathered creatures, creatures, and blooms. The Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is additionally a feature close to Lachung. Closer to Gangtok, there's the Deorali Orchid Sanctuary in south Gangtok.


Sikkim is a trekker's heaven and recorded Yuksom is the door for treks towards Mount Khangchendzonga. You must trek from Yuksom to Dzongri Peak and Rathong Glacier, and further on to Goecha Peak in case you're up for the test. It goes through the pristine woods, grand rhododendron gardens, and incredible streams of Khangchendzonga National Park.

6.Lachen, Lachung and Yumthang Valley

In far North Sikkim, 6 hours from Gangtok and 9,000 feet above ocean level close to the Tibetan/Chinese outskirt, Lachung and the Yumthang Valley stun guests with emotionally immaculate landscape. Lachung filled in as an exchanging post among Sikkim and Tibet before Tibet was added by China.


Pelling, a 3-4 hour drive west of Gangtok, might be a somewhat charmless residential community however it's the place to go for unparalleled perspectives of Mount Khangchendzonga at sunrise. Aside from the perspectives, religious communities are the principle fascination, alongside the remnants of Rabdentse. Medium-term and day visits withdraw from Pelling by jeep and cover the significant sights in the territory.

8.Temi Tea Garden

In transit from Gangtok to Pelling, Ravangla is most remarkable for its Buddha Park with a transcending 130 foot brilliant Buddha statue encompassed by manicured gardens. Somewhere between Ravangla and Namchi, you'll discover pleasant Temi Tea Garden. Its solitary tea cultivation in Sikkim and the quiet Cherry Resort is settled in the midst of it.

9.Namchi brilliant Buddha

Namchi is additionally popular for its mammoth statues. It right now has two of them - one Buddhist and one Hindu - and a third one is clearly being arranged. The Buddhist statue, of Guru Padmasambhava has a directing position on Samdruptse Hill.

10.Teesta River Rafting

River Rafting is the most recent experience movement to land in Sikkim, and the Teesta River offers some world class facilities for the same which can be experienced with Sikkim tour package from Kolkata. High precipices and canyons, alongside boulder-strewn waterway beds, add to the excitement. The best time for boating in Sikkim is from March to May and October to December.

On account of its remoteness and the way that grants are required, Sikkim isn't the most open territory to visit in India. In any case, it surely is a standout amongst the most vigorous and invigorating. There's something extremely relieving to the spirit about the bumpy magnificence and antiquated Tibetan Buddhist culture in Sikkim.

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