It is merely a fact that every business has to face sooner or later- To grow your business, you need to maximize your sales. The thing is, sales are the most critical activity in which a company can engage. It let companies hire employees, purchase equipment, and manufacture products or deliver services. If there is no sales, there is no future for a business!

No matter whether your company is affected or just want to increase your sales, the following are the proven strategies to raise revenues that are effective in most situations. If this isn’t sufficient for you, you can even pursue sales and marketing courses.
1) People purchase benefits:
In reality, people do not buy products; what they buy are the results the product gives them. Always assume your customers will buy only what they need. List down all the benefits your customers are seeking, and how will they enjoy using your product or service. This will help you identify your ideal customer.

2)     Clarify your mission:
Begin by understanding your business niche. Plan what best you can do? How do you best approach these prospects? Who needs what you do? Find out how much are your customers willing to pay? If these questions are not answered quickly, campaign at the top for clarity and vision.

3)     Give priority to customers:
Highlight the features of your service or product that will decrease costs and solve problems for the customers. Pay attention to customer’s tastes and preferences. At times you can reposition your wares. For instance, you sold wool uniforms for their look and feel; now stress wool’s durability and lasting value. Be as creative as you can in your sales and marketing.
4)     Create and maintain promises:
Efficient marketing, strong sales skills, and strategic questions are the keys to making favourable attention. Hard-working follow-through and above-and-beyond customer service are the keys to maintaining it.

5)     Enquire, listen, and perform:
These three words summarize success in sales. Your questions must be planned, creative, relevant, and direct. Your must have efficient listening skills. You should respond and take action that proves that you listened to the customer and want the sale.

6)     Take the responsibility but not the credit:
Take the initiative. Realize that you are the team leader. Your company or team looks to you for direction and supports your efforts. Build a strong support team by giving them credit for everything that goes right, especially when they are willing to go the extra mile when you need it. You also be responsible enough to take the blame when it goes wrong.

7)     Convert your present customers into promoters:
Your present customers can be your most prominent advocates. Treat them well, and they will, in turn, do mouth publicity of your brand. Try to recognize, whether or not they have previously purchased, what reviews they gave, and how you worked on them. You can make use of a customer database to obtain this information. Try and utilize this valuable data for recommending some new products or services launched. Such actions will make them feel valued and needed.

8)     Providing offers on special occasions:
Providing offers, discounts, coupons, etc. on special occasions is one of the best means to attract already existing and new customers. This technique never fails to bring an extra crowd; it is even included in the chapters of best marketing courses.  Such a strategy under all circumstances increases your sales during the festive season.

9)     Social media presence:
Today everyone is available on social media platforms, be it Instagram, facebook, snapchat or any other. Therefore, the best way to increase sales is by harnessing this force and making your presence felt on these platforms. You can create social media pages of your company. Ensure that you update these pages often by uploading pictures and posts regarding upcoming events that your company will be holding. These platforms can also be useful in notifying regarding changes in the company location, product or services rates, launching or availability of new products or services, and announcement of special offers or discounts.   

10)  Updated website- online marketing:
Nowadays, the reach of online marketing has crossed the borders of marketing itself. Make your presence felt on the social media pages by uploading pictures, updating your pages and website regularly. It will help you to make aware all your present and potential customers about the new events, products, services, etc.

Final words……..

Marketing, sales, and service all must go hand-in-hand to understand better who are your customers. When you’re creating strategies to improve sales of your brand, you should be empathetic at each step mentioned above. Step into your ideal buyer’s shoes to better understand their viewpoint towards your company so you can perfect your strategies. By focusing your strategy on your customer’s requirement and delivering value in a targeted way, you can raise sales and develop relationships that will last a lifetime. Making your customers to come back to you again and again will forever be your most significant achievement!

Author's Bio: 

Rohit Chandiramani is the CEO of London Business Training & Consulting. Having completed his MBA, not only is Rohit a student of Business and Management, but through his firm has also facilitated the delivery of the subject matter to hundreds of learners over the years. A regular trekker, he likes to scale greater heights in the Himalayas, and in the world of business.