You may be one of the people who struggle to go out of your bed every morning or to overthink about your lost dream, and still, you find a ray of hope that shines in your mind and encourage you to seek some of your desires.

Honestly, I am not a total fan of do it or die, though sometimes it is the primary way to win like a champion or lose all since this answer can't always be accurate and leads us to answer the inner question of how I want to feel good about myself.

Furthermore, you should know successful and failure people both has the same aim in their life. Hence, small habits are playing a vital role in achieving our dreams or not.
Also, I suggest you to read success without integrity is failure

Before any suggestion, I want you to see these 4 general steps that help you place development exercises in your habits:

1- I think the first step would know your habits. Habits are repetitive actions that we are doing without thinking, so it is normal if we don't notice them as they are no need to be planned. As long as we do not rethink and mention all of our everyday routines, we may not figure out why we are constantly struggling with our times and plans.

2- After recognizing our habits that you have done them for a long term, it is time to decide which one should be omitted and which should be adapted. For deciding well enough, you may read more and have an acceptable reason; otherwise each you can't move forward.

"Bad habits or good ones are not a mystery, but sometimes labeling the good from bad depends on your goal, so if you know yourself well enough so that you be sure that you're choosing the correct goal."

3- So far, it seems easy to pick one habit and place it in your daily routines or eliminate it forever. But you should know your mind never forget your habits and it spontaneously does them over and over. Here is one strategy; replace the bad one gradually with the good one, which gives your mind a sweet gift.

4- Control and monitor your changes to measure your improvement and let it go in the right way. Nonetheless, to say that measurement is helpful in any conditions you want to make changes.

10 Personal Development Exercises that can change your life

1- Reading books:
Only reading books itself can't benefit you. So be wise and pick a book that you needed at the time. If your goal is to be a great architect, it seems so foolish to read about the body's anatomy before you master in your major.

2- Do not overthink. As it said, those who overthink never start any works. Overthinking can help you to be a big procrastinate and then known as never started person. After making the right decision, just do it.

3- Join the new group and find good friends that spending time with them makes you be a better version of yourself. Being with the right persons always bless your soul and life and learn more than any payment classes and books.

4- Measure yourself. If you can answer why exactly you are doing something to yourself, you are in the right place and would not fight in the wrong battle. Hence

5- Ding a lot doesn't mean you gain more, so do not push hard through anything. Manage to try purposely in your time.
6- Put physical activity in your daily or at least weekly schedule. It will increase your confidence and excel your thoughts.
7- Discipline is the main factor to be successful. Motivation is the starter, and it fades if you can't satisfy it fast, so for going on, you need to have discipline.
8- Challenge yourself, try new things and find a way to a new world. It all Keeps you alive. All I am trying to say is leave your comfort zone from time to time. It reminds you that your dreams stand out there for you.
9- Be easygoing; don't make it hard any situations you are facing. As Epictetus said, "don't seek to have events happen as you wish but wish them to happen as they do happen, and all will be with you."
10- Change your mindset; a judgement mindset leads you to a dead-end street of absurdity. You will lose your friends and also an accurate way of your life.

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