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Starting a fitness industry brings a benevolent nature as many fitness business owners tend to oversee the essentials or setting and enforcing policies with clients. A contract is important to set clear policies and upfront expectations with the clients as the agreement formalize your business relationship.

Along with the legal matters that need to be discussed, here are ten policies your fitness clients must sign and review together before they start with your program.

1. Client’s medical history

A health screening should be the primary question asked especially for new clients. This is a very common practice for Personal Fitness Trainers to conduct any type of pre-screening. Specify that it is imperative that they keep you updated should there be any changes to their health including the previous ailment, any surgeries or procedures, if the client is currently taking medication or diagnosis, and others.

2. Rate

Clarify and state the client’s current price package or rate. Specify the inclusion and exclusion.

3. Late-cancellation policy and no-show policy

Clearly define late-cancellation rules along with the penalty for late-canceling or appointment. Say, if a client cancels in less than 24 hours prior, a penalty of 20$ or session is forfeited. It is ideal if you have a client management system that automatically charges or deducts from the client’s account. In this process, it keeps you accountable for monitoring through with the charge.

When you cancel your 3-month appointment, a 30-day notice must be provided to cancel and fill out a cancelation form upon.

A signed written notice must be presented in the receiving department by the before the 30 day period.

Upon termination, a prorated refund will be given to the member based on the effectivity of the termination as validated by the management.

4. Returning to exercise after injury

Should a client want to return to your program after having a physical therapy, minor or major surgery or other medical issues, ask for a certification from the physician or a physical therapist permitting a client to continue with the program.

5. Refund policy

Specifically, outline anything that can be pro-rated or refunded. Using words such as “to our discretion” or ” in any circumstances” gives some impression that you can deal with a different situation that may arise.

On one on one training and small group workshops, sessions are paid in advance and charges are credited to accounts. These charges made on accounts are not redeemable in cash under any circumstances given the 72-hour full reimbursement policy.

6. Reservations

Specify reservations whether it’s onsite or online, by phone or by e-mail. You can set reservations with a credit card to confirm slot in the class. Decide as well if purchases are refundable.

7. Waitlisting

If you are a client and you are waitlisted, you need to confirm reservation within the specified time prior to the start of class.

8. House Rules
Using cell phones are restricted during class. Observe wearing proper footwear in each class in the studio, whether it’s grip sock and/or sneakers. Know the guest code of conduct. There will be no pets or unattended children allowed in the studio during class.

Studios will be guaranteed safe, therefore the management cannot be responsible for any items u bring to the studio which loss, theft or damage can happen under any circumstances.

Athletic shoes for all appointment is required. Avoid using jewelry that can scratch on equipment.

9. Arriving late

Usually, a fitness studio allows a 10-minute grace period for clients that arrive after the specified time and those who came after the grace period are no longer allowed to participate in class for organization and safety reasons. Emphasize that the management is dedicated to maintaining an environment which secures the client in order to assure a positive experience. It is also agreed that clients need to be in an appropriate manner at all times while participating in the classes

10. Private Sessions, Small Groups And Workshops Reservations

Advice clients that reservations set for private sessions must be made on site, over the phone or thru email. Inquiries about availabilities should be made easy. Cancellation on the reservation can also be over the phone or email. Note that cancellation should be done 24 hours before the start of the class. A private session or workshop canceled after the specified turn-around time can be charged full price for the missed service and inconvenience.

Liability Waiver

Any client using the facility and equipment is responsible for his/her own risk. The management shall not be liable for any personal injury or damages arises sustained by a client. The client assumes full responsibility for any injury or damages and therefore releases the owner, staff, and utility from any demands, rights or cause of action be it known or unknown, resulting from or derived out of the member’s use or intended use of facility and equipment thereof.

Create an impression for your clients that they can have an open-door communication with them for any concerns or questions to make their experiences more memorable and valuable.

Point-by-point, itemize and review each agreement with them and give them a copy of the contract they signed. Setting clear and upfront expectations can avoid having difficult and disappointing situations. Give your clients an impression that you can spend time communicating with them to address their needs with which it will not compromise your business limitations.

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