10 Techniques to Instantly Shift Your Energy

Learning to balance your energy is an essential key to success and happiness. During times of great change or challenge it can be a daunting task to stay centered and positive. When the things that we see as permanent begin to crumble it is common to experience self doubt and even confusion. The following are proven techniques that my clients use to create a shift in their vibration, activate their personal power and anchor positive self esteem.

1. Intend to Be a Complaint Free Zone: What does this mean? This means that you actively become aware of how you communicate. Each time you find yourself gossiping or complaining, catch yourself. Remind yourself use kinder more positive language. The goal here is to go 21 days without complaining! Think you can do it? I challenge you to try it. It's very empowering. Most people are amazed at how much they complain. A complaint or gossiping is negative energy that is mirrored back to your self-esteem.

2. Forgive Yourself: Remember that the past is the past, and the present moment is your point of power. When you release yourself from guilt about past actions you free up energy and boost your self esteem with the power of acceptance. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Think of a situation that you feel guilty about. Repeat the following phrase until you feel the guilt ease. "I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you." It's a powerful Hawaiian technique created by Dr. Hu Len that truly creates miracles.

3. Start a Gratitude Journal: If you aren't already doing this, begin right now! Each day, write down five new things that you're grateful for that day. They can be big or small. What you're doing here is creating an atmosphere of positive belief that helps you feel good about yourself and boost your self-esteem.

4.Ask for Positive Feedback: Ask 5 friends or family members to list your top three strengths. Often times, we can't see our own strengths clearly, we simply take them for granted. By having others point them out to you, you?re able to honor and celebrate them.

5. Put Negative Nellie on Mute: We all have those little voices in our head chanting negative messages. Negative Nellie often stops us, blocks us and drains our self-esteem. Quieting Negative Nellie is essential to healthy self-esteem. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine a radio control, the volume is turned all the way up, you can hear the loud chattering of Negative Nellie, imagine reaching forward and turning the dial quieting the voice of Negative Nellie. Now, turn that dial all the way to zero and push the button off. Imagine your Negative Nellie scampering away because it has no way to voice it's negative beliefs. In the silence, experience the freedom from all the chattering in your mind. Savor this feeling; know that you can turn the volume down anytime you wish.

6. Breathe: Place your hand on your heart and imagine your breath literally coming in and out through your heart center. Breathe in a warm, nurturing hug of self love and exhale any blame, faults, and frustrations. Repeat until you find yourself breathing in love, and breathing out love.

7. Connect with Nature: By actively and consistently appreciating the beauty that surrounds you, you shift your focus to seeing the good in life. Connecting with nature allows you to tap into the peace and magnificence that silently surrounds you at all times.

8. The Essence of Me: Each day, write down 3 great things about yourself. They can be anything: a smile you gave the checkout clerk at the grocery store; the way you tended to your child's skinned knee; your pretty toenails; anything that makes you feel good about yourself. This celebrates the essence of you and boosts your self-esteem.

9. Infuse Yourself with Confidence: Imagine a situation (real or imagined) where you were in your most confident, self assured state. Breathe in that feeling, letting the feeling flow through you. Keep breathing in the feeling, allowing it to move through every cell of your body. Now, squeeze your pinky finger and thumb as you take one more breath, allowing the body to absorb the feeling and anchoring that feeling in your body by squeezing your pinky and thumb. Release your fingers take another deep breath. Next time you need a quick dose of self-confidence squeeze your pinky and thumb together and allow the feeling wash over you again.

10. Celebrate Your Wins: Make a list of 25 achievements you've made, big and small. Anything goes; if you felt a sense of accomplishment add it to the list. Things like graduating high school, creating a blog, landing a job, speaking up to Aunt Helen, giving birth to your children. Keep this list in a visible spot and continued to add to it, read over it, and acknowledge what it took to accomplish these things. Value yourself and the beautiful soul that you are.

As you begin to apply these techniques in your daily life, you will notice a huge shift in your energetic vibration. People will respond differently to you. New opportunities will appear. New doors will open. Old doors will close. New ideas and inspiration will make themselves known. Peace will live in your heart.

Much love to you,


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