Happiness in retirement is what we look forward to when we finally retire from our full-time job or business. But happiness is not guaranteed even if you are a wealthy person with a healthy retirement income.

Retirement from work should be the happiest phase of our lives.

  • Most of us will have finally repaid our mortgage. That is a heavy financial burden you will be pleased to have repaid.
  • our children would have finished their full-time education and will be less dependent on us.
  • there is no more stress from work and we are free to spend our time as we want.

A good retirement income can buy you the material things you want in life but that may not bring you happiness in retirement.

Here are 10 proven ways to help you find happiness in retirement.

  1. Live the moment. Let go of the past as they are now history. Don't plan too far into the future (except in the case of pension planning) as tomorrow may not arrive. Live today and be happy.
  2. Be contented with what you have and live within your means. Don't envy others who have more material things than you have, because they may not be as happy as you are. The saying that "money can't buy you happiness" holds true.
  3. Keep fit and stay healthy. When you are in good health you are less likely to be dependent on others to look after you. You can then enjoy your leisure activities or spend time travelling with your family and friends.
  4. Be charitable and give more. Giving does not necessarily mean monetary gifts. You can give others your time, moral support, happiness, understanding and more. You will gain happiness simply by making someone else happy.
  5. Laughter is the best medicine, so have fun and laugh heartily everyday. When you have a good laugh you tend forget about your problems and your worries, at least for the time being. You also increase your intake of oxygen which is good for your body.
  6. Have a positive frame of mind. Try to look at the positive side of things and iron out the negatives the best you can. You can then accept whatever situation you face, knowing you've done your best to resolve it, and move on. Regretting on a wrong decision made in the past will not change the situation and will not bring you happiness.
  7. Don't under-estimate the power of prayers. Spending a few minutes each day on prayers and meditation will bring you lasting peace of mind and happiness.
  8. Maintain good relationships with your spouse and other members of the family. Spend quality time with them because they are the most important people in your life. Getting along well with your friends and neighbours is also important and will keep everyone close to you happy.
  9. Day-dreaming is a healthy habit. When you feel depressed, try day-dreaming. Take a walk down memory lane and find a happy event in your life that has given you the most joy and happiness. Hold that mental image for a few minutes and re-live the happiness before returning to the present. That will give your morale a big boost. It works every time for me.
  10. Sing along a happy song when you feel unhappy. That will give you a feel-good sensation and is sure to lift your mood immediately. If you are looking for happiness in retirement, try karaoke singing in your local pub.

In summary, happiness in retirement is very do-able but you need to choose to be happy. It can be achieved by living a simple and care-free lifestyle. Learn to be contented with what you have in life and live the moment.

Your happiness in retirement will enhance the quality of your life in retirement and is likely to prolong your life-span.

Author's Bio: 

Chow Siew is a retired accountant. He is the webmaster of retirement-lounge.com. This site brings retirement news, pension information, money matters and activities for the online retirement community. He is also the webmaster of Retirees-London, a travel site that highlights exciting activities and events in London.