First of all, you should understand for yourself: 100% protection against theft does not exist. Real professionals can easily overcome the most sophisticated locks, the latest security systems, several perimeters of protection. This is confirmed by the abduction of world-famous valuables from museums and private collections, as well as the sensational robberies of bank vaults.
But not everything is so hopeless. Theft is committed spontaneously, and it is done mainly by socially disadvantaged people. In search of easy money, they inspect houses and cottages, looking for those where it’s easier to climb and not be caught.
When considering ways to protect against thieves, you should first go through this guide and ask yourself questions:
Why does the thief choose your cottage or apartment, and not the neighboring one, for example?
In what ways can an attacker get inside?
What time is your home most vulnerable?
By answering these questions, you can start looking for the right ways to protect yourself.
So how to protect the house from thieves? Ten tips from a security expert.
You can hire expensive security and so secure your home. But not everyone can afford security services. Some tricks will help to attract less attention to your home.
Guests in the house - hide all things
Did you call the plumber? Or should anyone come to you from the gas service? All valuables must be removed from prying eyes.
Complex castle
Thieves choose less work. They need to do everything quickly. Otherwise, there is a chance to be noticed. The more difficult it is for them to get into the apartment, the less likely they will be poking around at the door. To complicate the task of penetration, you can double-entry or complex locks. It is easy to crack a cylinder lock. The hardest one is a pin lock. The combination of a door with several locks will discourage the hunt from robbing a house.
Window grille
Burglars love to enter upper and lower floor apartments through windows. Therefore, they can be secured with a grill. Just do not forget that there should be a lock on the grill - these are the fire safety requirements.

Attackers do not want to be caught, so they will not take risks. If you put a sticker on the video surveillance and security door, they will think, whether they need to break into such an apartment?
Another way to cheat: if you saw suspicious people around, turn around and wave at the window as if someone is at home.
Open the curtains
It is believed that when the curtains are closed, this does not attract robbers. On the contrary, it shows that no one lives here. Owners must let light into the house.
Take care of the territory in front of the house and the country
Tallgrass, unpaved paths from snow or leaves - all this says that the house is empty, which means you can safely rob it. To prevent attackers from considering your home as an option, look behind the territory in front of it.
Thorns in front of the windows
In a private house, plants can be used for good. Roses, rose hips, and blackberries along the fence and in front of the windows will turn the dwelling into a real fortress.
Throw boxes away from expensive purchases
Bought a new TV or a fridge? Learn how to throw away boxes so as not to attract the attention of uninvited guests. Tear the box to shreds and take out with general garbage, not separately.
Inspect the door
Thieves leave distinctive marks with which they are guided, which apartment to go next. Suspicious sticks, matches, drawings - clean and wipe. Inspect the castle if it is scratched, there is a chance that they tried to open it.
Taboo for information by phone
Do you often get calls and conduct polls about the work schedule, the number of people at home? This should alert you. Usually, in this way, apartment thieves try to figure out the ideal time for robbery.
Unfortunately, security officials and police of all countries state the fact that a significant number of property thefts could have been avoided if people were more attentive to their home and their belongings. Someone left on business, forgetting to close the front door and turn on the alarm. Someone did not repair the damaged castle in time. Someone likes to invite unfamiliar people. Open windows, spare keys under the rug, an unclosed door from the house to the garage - all these are the reasons why the house can become a victim of thieves.
The frivolous stupidity and carelessness of people lead to the fact that even the best security system is not able to protect the house from encroachment.

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