In a previous article, I revealed the #1 way to reduce the cost of employee healthcare in your company: by making your employees well.

The solution may sound simple, but it really does work. By providing your employees with exciting wellness options that involve the entire family, you can significantly reduce the burden of healthcare costs by improving and sustaining healthy employees long-term.

Here are my Top 10 resources for getting employees excited about your fitness program and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in and out of the office.

1. Fitbit

Giving your employees a Fitbit fitness tracker is a fantastic way to get them engaged (even obsessed!) with tracking their fitness levels.

In addition to helping them track how far they've walked and how much sleep they're getting, a nifty gadget like a Fitbit has the power to involve the whole family. Spouses and kids can get their own Fitbits and everyone can track fitness as a family!

2. Weight Watchers

Making one of the most popular weight loss programs available to your employees is a surefire way to increase engagement and enhance employee health.

Many people participate in Weight Watchers outside of work. Giving your employees the opportunity to take advantage of this program increases convenience and will help them be more consistent (and therefore more successful!).

3. #MomNmeFit Challenge

Inviting your employees to enter the #momNmeFit Challenge is a fantastic way to engage moms and kids in 30 days of healthy living and learning. During the challenge parents and kids receive daily challenge fitness, nutrition and wellness activity tasks to improve their health and improve the family bond.

4. Fun Company Events

Part of creating happy, healthy employees means addressing their physical fitness as well as their emotional and psychological well being.

Fun Company Events hosts team-building and bonding events such as BBQs, obstacle courses, picnics, and other fun activities meant to help your employees bond with each other socially and emotionally.

5. Relaxation Room

Another great way to support mental and emotional health is to designate a 'relaxation room' in your office. Giving employees the chance to take a break, rest, and even take a nap is a proven way to increase productivity throughout the rest of the day.

6. Harpers Ferry Adventure Center

Harpers Ferry combines fun fitness activities like hiking and whitewater rafting with team-building games and outings. Employees learn to work together while discovering individual strengths.

7. Mental Learning Day

So far we've addressed physical fitness, team building, and de-stressing. Another important aspect of overall employee health is education and mental stimulation.

Host a learning day where you screen relevant TED talks and other inspirational, educational videos in a designated space within your office. Be sure that everyone has a chance to dive into the material, and consider holding a discussion afterwards.

8. Glad Springs Retreats

There's a lot that can be done to improve employee fitness in and out of the office. However, sometimes you just need to get away from it all and hit the reset button!

Glad Springs offers a scenic mountain setting with multiple options for team-building, brainstorming, and trust-building activities.

9. On-Site/Phone-In Lifestyle Coach

Hire an on-site lifestyle coach to work with interested employees for 15-20 minutes each. The expertise and one-on-one attention will not only make your employees feel pampered; it will give them the chance to voice their hopes, concerns, and fears surrounding work and life.

10. La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa

Golf, fine dining, a 5-star luxury spa... what better way to reward top achievers in your fitness program than with a trip to La Torretta? This is a great place for business functions and retreats, or for simply giving your employees a much-deserved break.

By providing employees with ample opportunities to improve their physical, mental and emotional well being, you will significantly reduce the cost of healthcare both short and long-term.

Keep in mind that your investment in employee wellness is really an investment in the company. Doing so protects your employees from illness and burnout. It also protects the company from rising healthcare costs.

Author's Bio: 

Fran Dean Bishop is an award winning business coach and CEO with 20 years in the health management industry. She founded Aerobodies Fitness Company, (now AFC Management Services), in 1994 as a corporate service provider of health promotion, fitness management and behavior change programs for the private sector and federal agencies. Fran also designed and launched two successful health technology innovations, MyEquilibriumCoach and To request Fran for a speaking engagement or workshop, contact her at – 703-402-8477.