Breast lift surgery is a frequently misunderstood procedure. While most know that it can help make the breasts look more youthful, many misunderstand the incisions necessary to achieve this. However, despite this, a breast lift is often worth it for many patients. Here are 10 reasons patients find getting a facelift worth it.

#1: Restores Perkiness

The main goal of a breast lift is to restore perkiness. Sagging naturally occurs over time due to gravity, age, and pregnancy. Some patients do not like the sagginess or experience it to an extreme, even at an otherwise young age. Normally, the culprit is extra skin.

A breast lift removes excess skin from the breasts and repositions the nipple. This restores perkiness to the breast and reverses sagging. The final result typically consists of nipples that point forward and a natural-looking breast shape.

#2: Can Get Breast Implants At The Same Time

Breast augmentation using breast implants is another popular breast procedure. It is often combined with a breast lift to restore lost volume and perkiness. The breast lift incisions can easily accommodate breast implants and the two procedures complement each other. When it comes to the breast lift cost in Sarasota, it is often more cost-effective to undergo both procedures at the same time.

#3: More Symmetrical Breasts

While breast augmentation is often touted as the ideal procedure for addressing breast asymmetry, this is not always true. Some cases of breast asymmetry are caused by uneven sagginess. Performing a breast lift Sarasota on one or both breasts can help even out the breasts while maintaining or restoring perky breasts.

#4: Long-Lasting Results

There is no way to fully prevent breast sagging from recurring. Unfortunately, many of the factors that contribute to breast sagging will continue to affect the look of the breasts. However, a breast lift surgery result tends to last for several years and often well over a decade. To help maintain the results for as long as possible, patients should seek breast lift surgery once they no longer plan to get pregnant because pregnancy is a major contributor to breast sagging.

#5: Can Reduce Size Of Nipples Or Areolas

During a breast lift, the nipples and areolas are generally repositioned. Occasionally, a free nipple graft is performed which removes the nipple and places it back on the breast in the new position. In either of these situations, it is possible to make the nipples or areolas smaller. If a patient has inverted nipples, this can also be corrected.

#6: Scars Hidden Beneath Bra

While the extensive incisions necessary to perform most breast lift surgeries turn most people off, one benefit is that they can be completely hidden by a bra and most swimsuits. While the scars may still be visible on the bare breast, a breast lift Sarasota can be completely hidden in everyday life.

#7: Reduce Skin Irritation

Sagging breasts can cause rashes because they rub on the skin beneath them. While this is not necessarily harmful, it can be uncomfortable and prevent a person from exercising or performing certain activities. At worst, it can become infected or cause worsened inflammation. Lifting the breasts so that there is no longer skin overlap can help alleviate this.

#8: Improve Mental Well Being

Major changes in the body can cause mental distress and insecurity. It is understandable that patients may feel negative about sagging breasts, especially if they are interfering with their life in some way. A breast lift Sarasota can help reduce this and provide the patient with a boost in self-confidence about their breasts.

#9: Does Not Significantly Change Breast Size

A breast lift and a breast reduction use nearly identical incisions. However, a breast lift only focuses on removing skin and rarely removes a significant amount of tissue. In comparison, a breast reduction aims to remove tissue and skin to actually make the breast smaller. Breast lift patients should notice little to no change in their breast size following a breast lift Sarasota.

#10: More Feminine Appearance & Feel

Perky and full breasts are often considered part of the feminine ideal. Whether or not a woman subscribes to that idea, it can help them feel more confident and feminine in their body.


Breast lift surgery can be life-changing for patients who are experiencing major breast sagging, especially at a young age. Understanding the goals, benefits, and drawbacks of the procedure is the best way to determine whether or not a breast lift is right for any particular patient.

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