Who doesn’t love luxurious locks? Hair colour is the most popular choice for maintaining the much-loved tresses, the ultimate sign of beauty and youthful look and beauty. But which hair colour to use is often a dilemma that everyone faces.

It is a known fact that most permanent hair colours are packed with a concoction of harmful chemicals. The best is to choose a chemical free hair colour which serves the purpose without having adverse effects on health.

Are you thinking, does herbal hair colour work? Yes, it does! Herbal henna hair colour is the most preferred choice of people who like to follow herbal hair colour routine. If you want to switch to an organic hair colour regime and looking for some good reasons to motivate you, here are some:

Plant-based and completely safe
No harmful chemicals
No side effects
Does not damage hair
Henna hair colour works as a natural colouring agent and hair conditioner too

1.Suitable for sensitive skin
2.Lasts long
3.Colours hair uniformly
5.Easy to use at home

Many people think henna can never cover gray hair as beautifully as chemically formulated hair colorants. If that’s the case, you must be doing something wrong. There may be a few reasons why your herbal henna hair colour is not working properly.

It is not pure
You must be extremely careful when choosing herbal henna hair colour products. Always buy products from trusted companies that maintain quality and are true to their promises. Be watchful of the ingredients used. Read the fine lines to check if they contain any chemical that’s harmful to the skin and hair. Go for 100% organic henna hair colour without preservatives and other harsh substances.

Improperly ground

For the best hair colour results, henna leaves should be ground finely without any coarse elements. That is one important reason to pick chemical free hair colour from companies that are trusted names in the herbal beauty care industry.

Improper packing

Every natural product has a shelf life and tends to lose its effectiveness if not packed well. Just like any other plant-based product, the henna powder is also sensitive to light, air, and moisture. Buy products that are packed well in airtight packaging. Look for the expiry date, any puffiness or wetness in the pack. If you find any, discard the pack.

Not good quality

All pre-made henna hair colours are not the same. The coverage, consistency of the mix, and how long will the chemical free hair colour last depends on the quality of the henna. Herbal hair care companies also formulate henna hair colours with other ingredients like indigo powder, for long-lasting hair colour and rich brown henna hair colour.

Not following instructions properly

There are several pre-made, off the shelf herbal henna hair colour available in the market. Most of these packs come with a ‘How to apply’ instruction leaflet. It is important to follow the steps to obtain the best results. Often failing to follow these steps and not allowing the henna hair colour to sit for adequate time may result in uneven or improper colouring results.

When you shop for chemical-free hair colour, beware of dyes that contain harmful substances like PPD, ammonia, citric acid, red clay, preservatives.

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