Behind every successful man is a team of people – past, present and future.
You probably have heard that “Behind every successful man is a woman.” It is certainly true that a good woman can really help a man to be successful, but the truth is that behind every person is a team of people who have helped in some way.

Have you heard of Napoleon Hill? If not you may have heard of the book Think and Grow Rich. It was Andrew Carnegie, the great British and American industrialist, who inspired Napoleon Hill to go on a quest to find the formula for success.

“No man cannot become rich without enriching others,” revealed Carnegie.
A sunny disposition is part of the success equation too. A sunny disposition is worth more than fortune, said Andrew Carnegie.

The greatest power is the power to take control of your mind.

Andrew Carnegie started at the bottom in the work place but worked up the ranks.

His life is marked by working up the ranks from a humble place, but he also exposed his mind to the greatest writings the world has known.

His uncle, introduced him to the writings of Robert Burns, and historical Scottish heroes such as Robert the Bruce, William Wallace and Rob Roy.

He got a job as a telegraph messenger, following the recommendation of his uncle. Benefits of this job included free admission to the local theatre. This made him appreciate Shakespeare’s work.

He was a very hard worker and would memorize all of the locations of Pittsburgh’s businesses and faces of important men. He made many connections this way.

He also paid close attention to the telegraph’s instruments (he could translate the clicks of the telegraph before they appeared on the printed tape) and within a year was promoted as an operator.

Carnegie had a passion for reading and made use of a library opened by Colonel James Anderson.

He had a capacity, willingness for hard work, he had perseverance and alertness. This soon brought forth opportunities.

With promotion, he was able to learn about management and cost control. He improved the service that his organization provided. He made successful investments.

In addition to having good business sense, Carnegie possessed charm and literary knowledge.

He was invited to many important social functions – functions Carnegie used to his own advantage.

He had a grander purpose in his life – to help others. Man should have no idol including money.

B: Brilliance is your birthright, so bring on and bring out your brilliance in all you do. Behind every successful man is a team of people – past, present and future. Brilliantly use your mind because using your mind to its best effect will secure you success. Burn into your heart that you are successful and will always be successful.
L: Lives, it is about lives, so enrich and bless all life.
E: Enrich others and you will be rich.
S: Sunny dispositions are worth more than mere fortune and can be cultivated.
S: Success can be obtained in any branch of endeavor.

Y: You have so many blessings, so start counting and capitalizing on them. Your mind is you and what your mind can conceive, it can achieve, so start conceiving more with each passing moment.
O: Opportunities abound when you put your life on the course of enriching others.
U: Urge yourself to be more every day.

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