1. Their teams are held together by a thread - or even worse, by a threat.
2. When you abuse financial resources, you lose. Same thing with human resources - it's just not always as obvious.
3. All boats rise when the river's flowing - manipulating employees keeps them under water and that creates choked off resources.
4. Choked off resources create stagnant waters and stinky places to work make for stinky work habits.
5. People around obnoxious leaders can't figure out why they come to work.
6. When leaders make it all about themselves, the capacity for success is limited by their personal capacity. When they make it all about the Golden Rule, the capacity boost is exponential.
7. Employees use more of their down time into getting over a selfish boss's influence rather than into thinking about how they can contribute to making it a more successful workplace.
8. When working with a boss requires recovery time, momentum is lost at critical junctures of the work cycle.
9. The data's in: when people work together in dignified partnerships, they're able to reach new levels of excellence. Teams with lousy-attitude leadership don't compete as well.
10. And, 'cause greedy jerks are no fun to be around.

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Dr. Joni Carley, co-contributor: Stepping Stones to Success, vol. 1 w/Deepak Chopra & Jack Canfield. A thought leader in values-driven leadership who consults & presents with business and public sector leaders incl. the United Nations; her company, Leaderful Edge, helps improve individual & organizational capacity to increase profits, share prices, retention, innovation and stakeholder loyalty.