Learning a foreign language is like finding a key that will open numerous doors leading to new opportunities and self-growth. While learning a language may be challenging at first with all the grammar rules and pronunciation, it always pays off in the end. Once you start learning new words and understand simple phrases, a new world will reveal in front of you. Some people may learn a language to enhance their career or decide to master the basic vocabulary as they plan to travel, yet it is also a great way to learn about the different traditions by discovering things firsthand from native speakers. All it takes is some patience and motivation to continue when you encounter the first challenges. If you are looking for inspiring words to start learning a new language, there are at least ten reasons why you should not put it off and start right now!

10 Reasons why Learning Languages is Beneficial

Better career opportunities. When you speak more than one language, you can join international corporations and apply for better job positions. Regardless of an area, being able to communicate and translate information is a great benefit that will instantly place you above those who do not possess additional language skills.

A different way to communicate. A foreign language reveals news ways to communicate in any situation. You can join video conferences or coordinate outsource specialists for your businesses as a developer. Even if your vocabulary is limited, there are fewer chances that something will be lost in translation as you already understand the basic phrases and identify the mood of a speaker. It is essential in languages like Chinese.

Talk to natives as you travel. Everyone who has traveled abroad at least once knows how much the natives enjoy it when a foreigner tries to say at least one phrase in their language. When shopping or talking to a hotel representative, greeting a person by using several phrases you have learned will make a major difference.

Read books and watch movies in the original. One of the best parts of learning languages is being able to read classic books in original or watch movies without subtitles. Of course, it takes time and an effort to understand what’s written in a complex book, yet watching a movie that you know well is a great experience that will help you to improve your hearing and speaking skills.

Work as a freelance translator. Learning a foreign language is also the first step to find work as a freelancer, which is especially relevant if you plan to enhance your primary university degree field. If you want to work with technical translation tasks, however, remember about earning language certificates. You can take a look through the top translation agencies by IsAccurate to learn more about the different translation types and requirements. Remember that when you work with official documents, you should approach only certified professionals. A reason for that is the legal power of such translations.

Personal growth and discipline. Learning a new language requires discipline and a strict schedule. You may discover new words and rules the way you like, yet it always requires an effort to keep your thoughts and mental resources in order. It is a unique path of personal growth that will help you to understand this world and people in a better way as you learn to say the same things in a different language.

Discover new cultures. Every foreign language is a door towards the new culture and unique traditions. It is not possible to even start learning a language without discovering at least a little bit about customs and the way people approach the way of life. For example, if a translator has to localize the website or translate an application in a different language, it is crucial to have relevant cultural knowledge in addition to grammar to make things right!

Different university exchange program opportunities. If you plan to join any of the prestigious student exchange programs, having at least basic foreign language skills will make it easier to apply. Moreover, you can communicate with the other students on campus and learn from native speakers.

Improve your social skills. It is not often mentioned, yet every foreign language you learn helps to improve one’s social skills because the brain learns to form the words in several languages and works hard at translating the meaning that you envision. It is a great practice for public speakers or those who have to communicate with foreign partners on a daily basis.

Make friends all over the world. As the world has entered the challenging times of globalization and international corporations taking control of most fields, getting in touch with foreign speakers becomes inevitable. The best way to approach new people is to make friends, which is always better if you can use more than one language or turn to automatic translation applications. When you learn a foreign language, you grant yourself an opportunity to make friends from all over the world, which will turn you into a happy citizen of the planet Earth.

What is the Best Way to Learn Languages?


Although we all learn at our own pace and by using the methods that fit our mindset, it is recommended to always start with a professional teacher to learn the basics. You may buy a tourist’s guide with a list of the most common phrases, yet there may be mistakes as it often happens with the cheap publications. Taking at least one test lesson or talking to a teacher will help you to understand how you can learn and how to schedule one's time and daily responsibilities like school, home, or work.

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