A search for the phrase “website design Dubai” may bring to your notice many website design companies that operate in Dubai. If you want to build a website for your business you may approach any one of these which suit your requirements and budget. However, one thing has to be ascertained in the first place. Does this company have the capability to build a responsive website for you?
Now, what is a responsive website and why does your business require a responsive website at all? Here, in this article, we attempt to list down 10 very important reasons why your business requires such a website.
What is a responsive website?
Any website that is built to conform to the size of the device on which it is being viewed is called a responsive website. Why then is all the fuss about responsive websites? Responsive websites offer the website visitors an optimal viewing experience. That is, simply put, your website will look good on any device including your smartphones, PC, tablets, desktops, or laptops.
Smartphones are increasingly being used by young consumers to shop while on the go and conversions are about 64 per cent higher than desktop conversions. Moreover, consumers now use different-sized screens to view web pages on the Internet. Therefore, if you want to ride the wave of the increased number of mobile visitors, it is time to switch to a responsive website for your business.
Reasons Why You Need to Switch to a Responsive Website
#1: Faster loading times
Fast is the way to go! Those on the move expect websites to load fast on their mobiles or other devices to obtain the required information. It is also a known fact that responsive websites load faster on mobile devices than regular websites do on desktop devices. The longer the loading time, the greater is the chance for you to lose a potential conversion. For this reason, seek out the best web design agency in Dubai reputed for building responsive websites. You will not regret it later.
#2: Enhanced User Experience
Responsive websites assure better user experience and, therefore, the visitor is likely to spend more time on your website. Therefore, the chance of conversion is higher. A good user experience further enables more positive word of mouth recommendations and this is likely to show up as increased traffic to the website.
#3: Responsive Websites are Future-ready
The best web design companies in Dubai would design responsive websites that are ready for the devices that are current as well as those that would become popular soon. Some of them would be ‘think’ glasses or watches. This is because responsive websites are engineered to fit to screen sizes and not device sizes. This assures that the users have a seamless experience at all times without waiting for upgrades.
#4: Development effort
Any website design agency in Dubai would agree to the fact that there is a definite saving in both time and development effort when building responsive websites. For websites that are not responsive, optimizing for the web is a time-consuming and costly job as different websites have to be made for different devices. In the case of a responsive website, the web content and design has to be done just one single time. This would reflect on the web design Dubai price as well.

#5: Businesses with static websites are out of date
Businesses that still exist on only as desktop websites and others that cannot be easily navigated from within stand the risk of looking old-fashioned. To the new bunch of mobile users, such a store would almost appear like a brick-and-mortar place that is dilapidated. It is time to ring out the old and bring in the new responsive website if you want your business to be in the race.
#6: Social Media Influence
The best website development company in Dubai will agree with the fact more than 60 per cent of social media surveys are done through tabs and mobile phones. If your business is using these methods to enhance traffic to your website, then they should be responsive and work on a variety of devices. Otherwise, your customers will visit your competitor’s website.
#7: Bad Reputation Bites Back
Customers are known to get frustrated with sites that are not mobile-friendly. This is estimated to be as large as 50 per cent. Visitors get the feeling that the business owners do not care about their business enough which is why there is no attempt to adapt to the latest technologies.
Over 40 per cent feel it is a waste of time looking at such websites and consider it too inferior for them to conduct any business with such an organization. A bad reputation on social media can bite back at your business. If you are into website development in Dubai, this is a point to take heed of immediately.
#8: Offline Customers
Responsive websites can help businesses get hold of offline customers. This means you can reach out and stay in touch with the potential audience where the connectivity is poor or slow. Visitors can access content even when they are offline.
Using technology, responsive websites can cache data in the devices allowing access to visitors even when they are offline. Users end up reading notifications and checking out products even when offline.
#9: SERP Ranking
Mobile websites outrank static websites in SERPs because Google is always on the lookout for responsive sites that provide improved user experience and fast loading times. Web design companies in Dubai involved in developing SEO websites can advise their clients to build mobile-friendly websites to rank high in SERPs.
#10: Data Analytics
Analysing data is easier with mobile websites as there is only one set to handle. The hassles of handling separate data from the web and mobile versions are done away with. This means considerable savings in time, effort and of course, cost. The source is more accurate because it is unified.
Wrap Up
The glaring advantage of building responsive websites for businesses is that they hardly require any maintenance afterwards, which means a higher ROI for the web design companies in Dubai.
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