In theory, electronic recycling budgets are made to be spent, but companies usually find a surplus amount that is saved at the end of the year. When companies invest in making sustainable choices and take an effort to implement recycling programs, they sell their recyclable waste and in turn earn money back that was used to finance the program. Well, if you are thinking of savvy ways of spending your leftover electronic budget, here’s how.

1)Hold a workshop on electronic recycling - Make an effort to educate your staff about the pros of electronic recycling. Most people are unaware of the right methods to dispose of e-waste in an appropriate manner. Consider calling a professional e-waste management and recycling company like Surplus Service.

2)Save up for a rainy day - Most businesses tend to make big purchases seasonally using their credit card or savings. By saving up, you can not only reduce your cost but also ensure your next big purchase is smooth.

3)Invest in the air quality of your office - Take this opportunity to save in air filters which will improve the overall air quality in your office. Air filters are not expensive and they play a significant role in lowering the chances of someone falling sick.

4)Spend your surplus on online marketing - The money you have saved on your electronic recycling budget can also be spent on promoting your products. Make a wise decision to spend your leftover money on SEO targeted content across platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. These can work wonders for your brand.

5)Invest in backup devices for client data - Chances are your old hard disk may wear out soon and if you do not have your client databases backed up, you may lose valuable data. Instead, invest your surplus budget by buying hard disks and back up your client data so that the sales side of your business works perfectly.

6)Invest in creating a survey - Customers want to be heard. They expect a brand to listen to them and implement their feedback. Why not invest in creating a survey for your customers and potential customers to hear their insights, feedback, and suggestions. You might be surprised by who is interested and what they are saying about your products.

7)Free giveaways for top customers - Your top customers are the ones who bring you fantastic business. These repeat customers definitely deserve your love and attention because they are your brand advocates. Surprise them on their special occasions like their birthday or work anniversary with something as small as a free movie ticket, a gift hamper, or a $1000 shopping voucher.

8)Invest in infrastructure - Chances are your company needs an upgrade on existing furniture, electronics or the latest technologies. Consider investing in upgrading your systems to the latest technologies, software, and hardware programs for your employees. Look into getting an unlimited cloud storage system as well.

9)Ensure your website is in good shape - A website is the first impression of a company. Use the surplus money you saved to ensure that your sales funnel and online presence is as efficient as possible.

10) Invest in solar panels - Investing in solar panels can help your company save big on electrical bills and last for long without high maintenance costs.

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