Apart from ordinary life, there should be some private topics between couples,the following 10 sexy questions will help to activate the atmosphere.

1. Who Did You Give Your First Kiss To?

This is a beautiful gateway question for you and your partner.It wouldn't just relax you for further deeper questions but bring the both of you closer together.

Everyone remembers their first kiss and they remember it either with fondness or discomfort.You can ask your partner this question to get closer to them,Trust me it works...

2. Who is Your First Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

There's nothing wrong with asking about your partner's first relationship. Chances are they never forgot about them. Things like first kisses, first sex and first relationship always leave a longtime impression except if they weren't very good.

Try to ask your partner about their first boyfriend or girlfriend, and if they are still in contact.It's a great way to discover about your partner's past and how it's shaped the person they are today.

3. Do I Still Look Young?

Everyone ages differently, and no matter how older you get, you still retain some form of youthfulness that gets your partners attracted.

Asking your partner if you still look young isn't only about insecurities, but knowing how to either improve yourself subtly or keep going through that beauty routine that keeps them fascinated.
But keep in mind that youthfulness and beauty is more than just skin deep...

4. Which Part Do You Like Best Of My Body?

With this question, you can get to know your partners most favourite part of your body. This way, you know how to seduce them better and keep them attracted.

Not only can you wield it as your special love weapon, but knowing your partner is crazy about it would leave you with an overdose of confidence anytime.

5. How Old Were You When You Lost Your Virginity?

Just like the first kiss, everyone remembers when they lost their virginities. It's forever imprinted in the memory, and asking your partner this would make them feel at ease about talking about other deeper complicated things with you.

6. How Do You Like My Pajamas?

Everyone knows one of the special seduction tools you can have is your nightwears or bedroom attire.Asking your partner this question would tell you of they like you in the normal night shirt and shorts, a sexy silky transparent lingerie, or nothing at all.

When you confirm their answer, you can surprise them the next day by going to bed in it.
That would definitely lead to other wonderful surprises…..

7. Do You Like a small Sex Doll?

This is a bold question to ask your partner and know about their kinks.It could either be a mini sex doll (click here to shop), sex toys, and pleasure tools.

If they feel uncomfortable answering at first, tell them you don't find it weird but kinky and would like to know if they are into it.It could eventually become a wonderful plus in the bedroom, depending on your partner's answers.

8. Do You Fantasise About Exploring With Other Partners

This would seem very sudden, bold and crazy, but when you ask it with a relaxed demeanor, your partner is most likely to let you into their deepest, kinkiest fantasies. It doesn't hurt to tow in the unsteady freaky waters sometimes and it's also perfectly okay if you don't.

9. Is There A Sex Scene From A Movie That You'd Like To Try With Me

This is the ultimate turn on! Especially if the both of you are movie buffs. It wouldn't hurt to see where it leads, plus it's also exciting that it feels almost like roleplaying.
Turn on the movies, get comfortable under the covers with your partner and let yourselves go..

10. Do You Like It Rough Or Sensual?

Now this is a very sexy and important question to ask you partner. It's a good way to know the depth of your partner's passion and flow with it so the both of you are on the same page.
It also doesn't matter if you don't like it the same way. You can both discuss it and find a middle ground where it's comfortable for the both of you.

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