Over the years, I’ve learned information, gained wisdom, and ultimately empowered myself to understand the potent effects of subconscious beliefs, mental processes, emotional energy, and spiritual connections.

The guidelines I based my core daily life on became pretty consistent. I knew these were the “rules” I wouldn’t abandon and actually didn’t want to. I had already been there in fear, drama, controlling relationships, and financial worry, and I had no plans of returning.

Even though I probably knew about these little life instructions in my 20s and 30s, I wasn’t quite ready to accept them as a non-negotiable part of my life. I had finally set a new standard for myself and wanted to make sure I was living that code daily.

My thirst for knowledge did not cease and I still maintain my journey of personal and spiritual growth, exploring concepts such as ascension, consciousness engineering, and the galactic collective.

What was different was that I now had a toolkit of ten basic principles that underlay the way I operated day-to-day. The relationships I formed, the environment I lived in, my subconscious patterns, and my conscious reactions were purposeful and co-creative in nature.

These rules are in no particular order of importance. One may have more significance on any given day. By mindfully incorporating them into your daily routine and interactions, you can open yourself to holistic evolution and development.

Rule #1 Take Responsibility for all aspects of your life.

When you finally realize you are in charge of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and resulting consequences, you become empowered. Your programming switches from a victim mentality to one of a hero. Your awareness shifts and you recognize that you are in control of healing your own life. If you don’t activate the internal switch to claim accountability and face your fears, true happiness and ultimate fulfillment can be elusive. Own your choices and avoid blaming others for any discontentment. Because you are the creator of your own reality, it is your job to find your passion and live it.

Rule #2 Make good, healthy choices.

You can’t always control the circumstances that happen in your life. However, you can do your best to choose wisely through a combination of intuition and common sense rational thinking. This law of cause and effect permeates all life aspects, from eating healthy meals to avoiding a toxic relationship. Detach from decisions that have proved to be poor, forgive yourself, and learn to trust that Spirit has better options. Doing the right thing and choosing well can also decrease stress and worry. If you know you chose a healthy option, you don’t have to fret so much about negative consequences.

Rule #3 Simplify your life.

Your outer world and inner world are innately connected. Living a life of chaos, confusion, and lack of thoughtful planning can be frustrating and stressful. The physical space in your home can reflect your innermost beliefs, thoughts, and feelings and vice versa. Maintain an organized file system, manage your finances, and keep your home and workplace clean. If you walk into a space of disorder and grime, you can sense the disturbing energy. Conversely, when you create a space that you value as a sanctuary, the vibration is uplifting and positive. Examine your major life areas and clear away clutter that is no longer serving your greatest path.

Rule #4 Perform daily self-care.

Everyday self-care on all levels is extremely important. Physically, you can honor your health by getting check-ups, exercising, eating healthily, and performing hygiene rituals that mirror your love for self. Emotional and mental health can be checked frequently throughout the day. Remember that thoughts are things and they become a catalyst for attraction. Talking about how you feel is healthy, but in order to move forward, you have to let go of feelings that keep you stuck in negativity or in the past. Spiritual self-care involves recognizing that “what’s my purpose in life” moment and finding the answer through self-love and a conscious, personal development journey.

Rule #5 Be flexible and adaptive.

Change has now become a lifestyle. Major personal as well as global transformation is forcing us to remove the veil of separation and mystery. The straight line from A to B has now become swirly and retrograde at best. Years ago, the thirty-year plan to get married, buy a house, and start a family was pretty standard. Today, with economic and environmental changes, family life and household management is dynamic and oftentimes unstable. The key is to establish a firm internal foundation so that you may integrate easily in whatever situation you become a part of. Set goals for yourself but realize that plans may be altered. Focus on what you can change and release the need to control what you cannot.

Rule #6 Surround yourself with healthy and inspiring people.

You may have been around someone who is toxic and overly dramatic. It’s as if you can feel your life force being sucked out of you. When you have enough confidence to set boundaries with your time and relationships, you can finally say “NO” to those emotional vampires. Once you know your worth and decide to become the best version of yourself, it becomes hard to tolerate anything or anyone that jeopardizes that potential. You may feel bored or uninterested in outdated friendships. Detach with compassion and live more authentically. Your time and resources are precious; spend them on those who are worthy and influential in a positive way.

Rule #7 Be kind and generous.

As you elevate in consciousness, your heart opens to the world – people, animals, and the environment you live in. Learn how to forgive, have compassion for others, and be discerning instead of judgmental. Respect people when they make choices that you have no control over. Understand that everyone is living his or her own soul-contracted path and some things shouldn’t be taken personally. When you contribute out of manipulation or control, the underlying emotion is fear. Giving without expecting anything in return is a form of trust. You learn to trust the universe to supply for you what is most needed. Gifts to charities, causes, or individuals should come from a heartfelt connection and purpose, not out of reluctant obligation.

Rule #8 Never stop learning and growing.

With the Internet and multiple sources of information on self-growth and spiritual development, you really have no excuses. Learning from mistakes and increasing awareness of what works and what doesn’t can help propel you on your life’s journey. Certain themes, interactions, and events will keep repeating themselves until you “get” the lesson and grow from the challenge. Everyone you meet is your teacher and the universe in which you live is your university. When you pray for something, look for the opportunity where it can be manifested. You have to do the work and create the connections to advance and progress.

Rule #9 Express gratitude.

Show appreciation for everything and remain humble. Thank God/Universe/Spirit for what you already have and for what you would like to bring about. Sincere appreciation and love for self, friends and family, home and vehicle, valuables, and all of your life experiences are aspects of spiritual growth. When you complain about lack or are arrogant and ungrateful, those sentiments will simply be mirrored back to you in physical reality. Daily gratitude functions to dispel any self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.

Rule #10 Connect with your higher power.

You are a spiritual essence inhabiting a physical vessel. Your true nature and power emanates from Divine Source. The connection is always there but a palpable awareness of it can be strengthened through prayer, meditation, nature therapy, guided visualizations, dreams, and living in the present moment. The energy field in and around your body can become dense or muddied, eventually causing physical problems. Clear your chakra centers and auric field through methods such as smudging or using crystals, then protect your energy through re-shielding. You can also call upon your spiritual support system of angels, guides, masters, and other beings of light to help you on this journey.

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