Sometimes in order to embrace our destiny and to keep rising in our fields, we have to be willing to make some difficult changes in our lives. Those who want to improve what they are doing needs to be willing to examine where they are and what they need to do in order to move to the next level. Sometimes you may need to change some friends you’re spending your precious time with.
Each and every person we meet in life is very important but we may not need all of them our entire life, some of them maybe, they were fine for a season in our lives and helped us a lot, but still examine what they are doing now maybe you’ve outgrown them. Start the new chapter and realize that this is the new season.
For you to move to the next and higher level, you have to break away from people, relationships, and habits that are limiting you. A lot people have come up with new and good ideas in their life and businesses, however the hard part for it is to let go of what worked for them some years ago, and the system by now could be out of date. You need to develop some new friendships with people who are going to pull you up and inspire you to rise higher. You need to develop new habits which will help you improve on the success you have now.
The purpose of developing new relationships and habits is because when you’re the smartest one in your group, your group is too small for you. Find people who are smarter than you, people who will challenge you to stretch to the next level. Remember, if you are walking with the wise you will become wise.
There is no limit as to how much better you can become, that is why you can improve your improvement regardless of your level of success, and even if one is having some level of success it still true that greater success comes to those who keep on looking for opportunities, recognize them when they arise and grab them before anyone does. Only students wait for promotion and to be pushed for their own benefits.
1. Develop a set of goals
The acronym for (goal) is guidance on action learning. If you are still setting goals in your life, it is an indication that learning is still cardinal in your life because each set of new goals you set may require some new information especially if you are doing what you have never done before. The larger percentage of people, who are doing fine today, had clear goals for their lives and careers. Goals are important because they will make you the kind of a person who can achieve them, and as you achieve them you become better. You will have to use the goals you have set to constantly measure your progress. With goals it doesn’t matter whether one is educated or not.
2. There is no substitute for hard work
This is a well known fact that there is no substitute for hard work whether you work hard physically or mentally there is no substitute for that, and no one can work hard for you. Each and every person works for themselves even if they are your employees or your children. If what you want to achieve will require more hours to be accomplished, do it as long as you know what you want. Working hard is characterized with concentration and timing for things to get done, therefore more millionaires today are achievers because not all of them were born with a proverbial silver spoon.
3. You only need an average IQ
It is not always outstanding people who become successful or achievers. What everyone needs is the working system, timely planning and working hard. You also need the desire to achieve, an attitude to get along with others. You need also to implement your dreams or lean to take action. Remember success is born when your preparation meets opportunity and not when you graduate or marry because success is free for all.
4. Success is a moving target
Success is a moving target and life is the journey therefore you will never be satisfied with what you have, that is why we are always looking forward to achieve new things, remember happiness and success are the by-products of goal setting therefore they cannot be the goals themselves. Success is not a destination, it is the moving target you will never have it all. That is why you need to keep contributing to your society and never retire no matter how successful you become, just move from one activity to another according to your age.
5. Become simple
Money, wealth and all material possessions are just the symbols of success the real success is you, yourself because without you acting and preparing, money and all others physical possessions cannot come to you by themselves. To become more than you are, you just have to become an attractive person to attract the success you need, therefore just be a simple person with big results.
6. It is never easy
The path of becoming more than you are is not easy, there are ups and downs east and wests, night and day light and darkness. There will always be obstacles, but they should not limit you, instead make them stabling blocks, remember if you claim to have no problems it means you have a very big problem because whatever we do in this world we are solving problems. Problems are there to be solved not to stop us because there is no dream that can never come true, all things are possible.
7. Success is just part of life
Great success and achievement may not bring supreme happiness in your life because it is just one part of it. Your life is made up of many deferent dimensions, namely, work life, social life, family life, education life, academic life, financial life and your spiritual life. To have total happiness you need to balance your life then chose to be happy because happiness is a choice we have to make, but if your life is not balanced even if you make that choice it will be difficult for you to be happy. Balance your life.
8. Don’t be limited
By this I mean most people who are have some level of success have the tendency to limiting themselves by only concentrating on one dimension of life and not balancing their lives. Don’t be limited you can succeed in many fields. If you play football you can even don some business and if you do business you can also play some games successfully.
9. Love reading
If you are a reader today you will be a leader tomorrow, to improve your improvement you have to keep on reading. By this I don’t mean to read just any material but materials in line with what you are doing. Keep on learning and reading because when stop these, you will start forgetting what you already know.
10. Share your success
The more you improve your improvement the more you should share with others. Remember as you give to others your gifts, the more they will return to you in multiples, just look at what others have donated to humanity.
Smell the rose
Most successful people make this mistake of taking themselves too seriously and forget to have an innate sense of humor, even if you improve your improvement you can laugh with others and you can even laugh at yourself and the success you have achieved. I know that you still need to reach for your goals but also enjoy the trip while you improve your improvement.

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Joseph Mutale is the Author of three books (1) How to become Successful from your income, (2) How to turn ideas into cash, (3) How to live like a Champion. And he is a Motivational and inspirational speaker, he is a gifted counselor, he conducts life changing motivational seminars and enlightening meetings, he is a qualified occupational health practitioner, and he is an Hearing Aid acoustician, From Pretoria University SA: Joseph is a Zambian and lives in Zambia
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