With the rise of online casino, there are fears that the level of gambling addiction may rise. The fact that online casino enables players to play anywhere and anytime, means that people may spend long hours gaming. While these fears are real, Klara Czerwinska says that „Globalne internetowe kasyno dba o to, by niwelować pewne niedociągnięcia powstałe w wyniku wdrażania nowych rozwiązań w branży hazardowej. Bezpieczeństwo graczy oraz rywalizację między kasynami w duchu fair play zapewniają wdrożone standardy i środki zapobiegawcze, których rynek hazardowy musi przestrzegać.” 

When translated into English, what Klara is saying is that there are some measures and standards that global internet casinos adhere to in the quest of addressing the shortcomings presented by the new developments in the gambling industry. With these measures, it is not just safe for players but also for operators to ensure fairness among themselves. These are sentiments that are shared by many experts in the field. They agree that there is a need for players to adhere to basic standards. This not only helps identify rogue operators but also gives the players some form of confidence when patronizing licensed online casinos. In this article, we will be looking at ten standards that global online casinos adhere to in the quest of making gambling safe for all.

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1. The option to withdraw

Players need to have the freedom to opt out of a platform if they feel they are not comfortable. The self-exclusion option allows players to limit their activities in an internet casino. It is highly recommended for all authorized online casinos as it shows that they are committed to responsible gambling. Imagine a situation where you are addicted to gambling and in the process have lost a lot of money. Continuing with your current level of gambling not only increases your addiction but also affects your relationship with others, as you may have started engaging in unpleasant habits

With the self-exclusion option, a player will limit his or her duration on the betting platforms. This will work towards reducing the frequency of the games as well as the amount spent on betting. For internet casinos, this may seem like a self-defeating measure as it denies them revenue. However, it shows that a platform cares about its customers. While they may be in business, they are also looking into the welfare of the players by following standards that help avoid overindulgence.

2. Avoiding spamming players

With competition, there are temptations to spam customers with lots of unsolicited messages. This may be annoying, especially to those who already have a platform of choice. If you find that an internet casino keeps your email busy by sending endless messages, know that you are dealing with a rogue and ought to avoid it by all means.

3. Ensure fairness in all the games

While this is not a big problem since players can find easily out, the vice is common, especially with the rogue operators. An online operator should at all times ensure that the games cannot be manipulated. All activities in the game should follow the rule of chances, where an opportunity to win remain equal for all players.

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4. Prompt payment

Players who have won should be paid within a reasonable time. No part of their money should be delayed for whatever reason. This not only gives confidence in the game but also avails the customers with the cash to meet their desired needs. Remember, everybody gets into casino games for varied reasons. Therefore, delaying the funds, especially to those who were looking to get some cash is unfair.

5. Prevent un-authorized players from accessing their sites

Operators have a responsibility to ensure that their sites are not accessed by minors or other entities who are not allowed as per the law. Strict measures need to be put in place to ensure that underage gambling does not happen at all. Proof of age should be required at all times, before and during the game.

6. Acquiring the necessary permits and licenses

Internet casinos are required to obtain several permits and licenses. This requirement needs to be adhered to, as it weeds out unscrupulous players and also ensures that operators play by the rules. Operators should not just aim at getting licensed or authorized; they need to build a reputation in the industry.

7. Provide clear online casino bonus requirements

It is necessary to provide customers with truthful information about offers and promotions provided by a given entity. The terms and conditions out to be clear with grey areas properly explained to the customers before they get to use these incentives.


Other standards that need to be adhered to include:

8. Providing quality and reliable customer support at all times

9. Clear messages warning players about the possibility of gambling problems if they overindulge

10. Ensuring that players are protected from cyber attacks


Online casinos present a situation where players may find it hard to eliminate rogue operators. Therefore, genuine entities should strive to adhere to some standards. This not only gives the players some level of confidence but also improves the reputation of the whole industry.


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