Finding the right make-up routine is not as easy as it seems! You can enrol in short makeup courses to find your perfect make-up routine but until then, here are a few tips and tricks;

1. Moisture is key - Any self makeup course will teach you that finding the right moisturiser is the first step to a successful makeup look. If you have dry skin, try finding a heavier moisturier. People with oily skin should stick to gel based moisturisers.

2. Foundation match - One of the advantages of enrolling into self makeup courses is that a trained professional can match your foundation shade for you perfectly. A quick tip is to match it to your neck and jawline instead of relying on your arm or forehead. Also ensure that your foundation formula doesn’t oxidise.

3. Blush shades - Blushes come in many textures and finishes. Pinks, peaches, taupes; Shimmers or mattes; Creams or powders. It’s important you find one that works for your skin type and shade. If you have really textured skin, stick to mattes and cream blushes.

4. Brow game - Brows frame your entire face and make you look put together. A basic tip to remember while grooming your brows is to use cool toned browns to fill in your brows instead of jet black to ensure that the look is soft and not looking drawn on.

5. Masacara 101 - Your mascara should be waterproof, easy to apply and volumising. It should not smudge through the day or create a spider-y effect when layered on.

6. Try tightlining - Tightlining your top and bottom lash line frames your eyes and accentuates the rest of your makeup. Although intimidating at first, this trick works like a charm.

7. Contour like a pro - Always use cool toned shades of brown to contour your face. Ensure that you don’t bring your contour from your cheekebone all the way till your nose. Use the center of your eye as the ending point of your contour.

8. Stain your lips - Staining your lips is an efficient way to add that extra oomph to your everyday look. Take a lipstick and apply it to the center of your lips. Then with your fingers, smudge till the periphery of your lips. This method also proves to be very long lasting.

9. Highlight away - Use a highlighter at all the high points of your face. The cheekbones, Bridge of the nose, brow bone and cupids bone.

10. Liner hack - Use a thin, sharp liner brush and first map out the wings. Once you’re happy with the angles and length of both your wings, connect it to your eyes. This helps in eliminating all the balancing mishaps that happen while applying eyeliner.

There are many short makeup courses in India that can help you find your perfect makeup routine.

Author's Bio: 

Natasha, the owner of fat mu academy, the leading makeup academy in Mumbai. I have worked in the UK and India in film, television and fashion, and painted an eclectic mix of faces