Top 10 ideas, to modernize your kitchen. Yes, this book of ideas adapts to all pockets, to all needs and all spaces. You will find ideas that require a resounding change, others that suggest subtle but forceful retouching. It will be in you to identify exactly what your kitchen needs to be transformed into a modern kitchen.

Always remember that the modern is in the material, the texture, the color of the furniture or objects that you add in an environment. Of course, also in the form. Pure lines, simplicity and elegance are a modern hallmark. The intelligent material, the functionality, the dynamism, are another quality characteristic of the contemporary modern style. But, we do not say more, let's see and look for quiet what will make the difference in your kitchen. Ahead!

1. Impeccable contrast
You will agree on the modernity of this kitchen despite the fact that the scene is rather eclectic. Is that, standing out among the retro air tiles and a classic furniture, we find a contemporary tabletop of the fashionable stone, the quartz, where is embedded an electronic kitchen of last generation, but with the breezy detail of the traditional burners of iron. Very original!

2. Look at the ground
Another material favored by the current kitchen design is the glossy ceramic for the floor. This is an appropriate tip for those who are about to make a radical change in their kitchen: animate you also to change the floor of matt tiles by large pieces of ceramic in neutral shades such as beige or gray. You will see that they are easy to clean, if that worries you.

3. Modularity
The modern kitchens have, nowadays, the peculiarity of offering themselves as hermetic spaces. Each piece of furniture and each artifact occupy a unique place. Thus, the distribution is made as in a tetris, where the pieces must fit perfectly together. The modular furniture in kitchen causes a furor, especially those that do not have handles in their doors or drawers.

4. Intelligent use of space
If you have little place, it will always be smart to take advantage of it to give comfort to the environment. In this sense, building the kitchen in a corner leaves you clear all the rest of the space, where yes, you can put a table, an island, a breakfast bar. Modernity, we said, is also practicality.

5. Vertical deco
Speaking of built-in kitchens and modular furniture, what do you think of this idea to take advantage of the verticality of your kitchen with style? The glassware will be safe on these shelves.

6. Claiming glass
In many ways, glass is the most. If you get a glass with resistance to thermal changes and a thickness capable of withstanding the onslaught of a pot, do not forget to consider the possibility of using glass in the countertop of your kitchen. Sure, glass also goes for shelves and tables, and it's always going to be modern. Bravo, Carolina for your black kitchen!

7. Lights and modern objects
Another idea to modernize the kitchen without spending a fortune is to incorporate objects and lamps of contemporary design. Perhaps it will be much more useful to spends an extra money to obtain an original and quality lamp instead of changing the tiles and the floor.

8. Steel bell
This is going to modernize the kitchen! Steel bells come in different sizes and designs. There are minimalist or classic forms, larger or more discreet. But all, all, all, enhance the kitchen, make it sophisticated and never go out of style.

9. Personal selection
We have another example of how to choose a detail that goes with your personal style and that makes a difference in your kitchen. Look for modern lamps!

10. Take the classic to the minimum
This last photo tests, as in a test, your knowledge of modern decoration. What things do you see modern? Yes! The flat extractor is the latest in kitchen hoods. Perhaps the pink tiles are not modern, but why not allow the coexistence of styles?

Author's Bio: 

Hasan Root, a dream lover.