Do you remember watching Journey 2: The Mysterious Island or any other movie related to treasure hunt and discovering an unexplored island after a foggy haze? It all sounds fantasy and mystical!

The Caribbean is still shrouded in mystery. What abides among those 7000 islands intrigues, everyone. It's much more than all the thrill and frill of The Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes, there are pirate hideouts, grim coves and pink beaches.
Here are a handful of ocean and island secrets that can take your holidays in the Caribbean to a whole new level.

Caribbean Boils

A top rugged adventurous destination - The Dominica Mountains sport an exciting hike. A vigorous 5-mile trail with narrow ridges leads you to the Desolated Valley and its Boiling Lake. The 210-foot wide lake oozes steam and burps. It's the after effect of a volcanic eruption. Get ready to be muddy.

Hidden Beach

The Dominican Republic might be a beach paradise with its two magical islands - Bavaro and Punta Cana, but towards the south-eastern region, you'll encounter Playa Limon, a 3-mile secluded beach with coconut trees. Luckily you can have a chosen spot to yourself the entire day.

Yes, the Black Pearl

Coming back The Pirates of the Caribbean movie, you may recall the 'Black Pearl' used by Jack Sparrow. Well, on the Union Island you can actually sail the Black Pearl and enjoy a trip to the Tobago Bays. Thrilling enough!

Bird Spotting

If you have never enjoyed birding, you'll develop a new hobby after touring the Asa Wright Nature Center in Trinidad. The sheer number of 450 bird species will make your day amusing. After all, it's not that far; with a 90-minute ride from the Port of Spain, you'll step into one of the world's majestic birding locations.

The Bahamas

If corals, pink beaches and secret coves allure you, then this Bahamian Island is an amazing district. Located next to the Tropic of Cancer, the Cat Island is a bliss with thatched-roof bars, many natural wonders, famous dive sites and a few resorts.

Brave enough? The acclaimed Blue Hole is a great diving spot. This unique attraction alone can make your Bahamas holidays stupefying.
Also, the Santa Maria Teresa shipwreck takes you back to the ancient times. There are several un-manned beaches and lagoons that'll add ecstasy to your getaway.

Peter Island

Spanning over 2,000 acres, the Peter Island is one of the largest British Virgin Islands with amazing amenities that one would usually find at larger atolls. Guests will enjoy a huge Ayurvedic spa, a yacht club, dive outlet and numerous restaurants and bars.

Anguilla's Secret

If you're looking for a stylish vacay, the Anguilla is the idyllic choice. The 16-mile long and 3-mile wide island are described by limitless sandy beaches and bewitching coral reefs. Adored by affluent visitors for its lavish villas, upscale hotels and boutiques, Anguilla promises rewarding moments unlike any.

It's top features: Enjoy strolling on the soft sand at Rendezvous Beach, explore the Shoal Bay and Cove Bay. You can also soak up the impressive views of the Old Prison from the highest point of the island.

Fowl Cay

With 100 islands to lure any castaway, the Fowl Cay has rapidly become a magnet for honeymooners with endless unsoiled beaches, remote locations, wreck diving and deep-sea fishing and boat tours.

With a thrilling boat ride, you can visit the nearby cays like Compass and Honeymoon. Walk up to a bar and make your own drink, enjoy pool therapy or a game of darts.


Never heard about Saba? This tiny island nestles 28 miles from St. Maarten. Established upon a dormant volcano, this is hardly visited. You may not find a lot of things, but yes, you'll come across several sociable locals and bejewelled beauty all over.


Home to more than 30 appealing beaches and an assorted heritage, Curacao is the most extraordinary island in the region. It's capital city Willemstad, is a UNESCO World Heritage site with arrays of museums, famous restaurants, iconic structures and much more.

With an idyllic weather year round, adventurers can enjoy diving, snorkelling and scuba diving. With such tempting offerings, cheap beach holidays 2017/2018 will sell like hotcakes.

You are a true globetrotter if you believe that The Caribbean is not just all about luxury cruise tours, beach activities or the lovely yachts. There's much more beneath the sapphire waters. With endless choices and depending on the adventure travellers seek, the Caribbean holidays are absolutely beckoning.

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