Can you imagine how much you can earn as a medical secretary? According to Glassdoor you can earn up to $23,602 per year as a medical secretary.  No doubt it is a lucrative job with a lucrative salary. Moreover, you will get a chance to help people who come for the treatment and get a feeling of fulfilment on impacting someone else's life. So, are you wondering what you will undertake as a medical secretary? In this article, we have discussed the 10 important tasks of a medical secretary. 

Important Tasks of a Medical Secretary

So, if you are thinking about what would be your task as a medical secretary, here is the list. Let’s checkout 10 important tasks of a medical secretary.

1.Monitoring Budget  and Invoices

The job of a medical secretary involves multitasking. You need to go through a number of tasks daily. These are mostly the administrative tasks. 

Monitoring budget and invoices are one of them. As a medical secretary you will be responsible for looking after the budget and invoices. 

You will check, if the invoices are in the right order, if they are all OK or have some issues. 

No doubt, if there are any issues you will be the responsible person to notify the designated employees or take further action.


Typing is the core part of the medical secretary. As a medical secretary you have to type a lot. So, you have to have very good typing skills. The faster you can type the faster you can complete your job effectively. You need to type different types of letters, clinical reports, minutes of meetings and filling.As you can see, all these documents required special attention. Your single mistake can result in huge problems both for the hospital and for the patient too. For example if you mistype the clinical report this can convey different messages to the doctor and the patient. This is why, as a medical secretary you need to have an attention to detail and a fabulous typing skill. 

3.Recording Test Result 

Multitask is the part and parcel of a medical. You have to record the samples and record the test result of the patient. You have to send test results to the designated person and have to take care of the other results as well. As a medical secretary you need to send samples for medical testing too. As you can guess, the job is crucial and requires a very high level of attention and care. Your multitasking ability will help you to do these jobs smoothly.

4.Answering Patients’ Queries 

Answering patient queries is sensitive and crucial. You have to be very calm and friendly while answering the patients’ question. You have to keep in mind your patients are going through a serious time, so you have to be compassionate and empathetic while dealing with patients queries. Maybe you will be in a hurry, maybe you have more work to do, but while dealing with the patient you have to be very calm and friendly so that the issues can be solved promptly with 100% care.

5.Dealing With Confidential Information

Since you will be the first contact for sorting information and accumulating information in the right order, you might be exposed to so much confidential information. As a medical secretary it is also your core duty to maintain those confidentialities. Confidentiality is important in the healthcare sector. Your patient data cannot be exposed to others, if all these could lead to serious problems for the hospital. However, since you have to deal with data, you are also responsible for updating patient data too. During those updates keeping data confidential is mandatory.

6.Manage Waiting List of Patient 

As a medical secretary you will be the person to manage the waiting list of the patient. You have to organise them, and make sure each of them get proper care while waiting in the lobby for the doctor. 

7.Managing Medical Supplies 

You have to manage the medical supplies too. You need to control stock, set up facilities and so on. You have to manage the supply too. To manage supply smoothly you need to gain knowledge on medical devices, clinical equipment and in-depth knowledge about supply chain management to ensure smooth operation of the hospital. 

8.Liaison with Healthcare Professionals 

Hospitals can not work individually. A hospital needs liaison among different parties. As a medical secretary you will be the person to contact different stakeholders. Since you have to communicate and negotiate with a number of people your communication skills need to be top-notch. Some stakeholders you need to communicate everyday are insurance companies, consultants or their staff, hospital staff and so on. Your good communication skills will make your task smooth and effective. So, start working on your communication skills from today to prosper in your career.

9.Managing Expectation 

In the healthcare sector things can take time. The consultant can take more time, the theatre can overrun and all this can increase the waiting time and dissatisfied patient. As a medical secretary your job is to manage all these issues with a cool, calm and friendly manner. Your calm and friendly nature could easily manage the patient. Expert says, if you are honest in your reply the patient can understand the situation and can wait since they also understand the treatment takes time. 

However, it is always your choice on how you will manage the dissatisfied customer and turn them into the satisfied one.

10.Diary Management 

As a medical secretary you have to manage and organise. Diary management is one of them. You have to manage the consultant's schedule in the diary, booking consultant rooms and keeping notes on the diary, booking meeting rooms and need to keep notes on the diary and so on. In short, you have to manage all these activities through your diary. 



The task of the medical secretary is crucial and  important. You have to organise and manage activities. You have to keep your mind cool, keep your attention to detail upfront and keep going with the overall task. Multitasking is the core part and you should know how to smoothly perform them every day. Enrol in the medical secretary diploma to increase your knowledge and skills for the job.

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