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Alright ladies, we know your husband is your Mr. Incredible. We know that some days you just stare at him in awe that you convinced this super-hero of a husband to marry you (okay, let's be honest, you're equally his Mrs. Incredible!). This list is going to make you smile and remember, once again, that you are one lucky girl.

So, what are the things your husband does that win the universe in your eyes?

1. He thinks of others before he thinks of himself

In particular, he thinks of you before he thinks of himself. It's pretty obvious. Just think back to the other night, when he brought home his piece of chocolate cake for you, in a to-go box. Then think of all the never-ending grocery runs, the late nights when he was the one up with crying kids, and the fact that he never once whined when you burnt dinner. Oh, and then there was the unforgettable time that he stayed home from his golf trip so that he could support you at your awards dinner at work. That man of yours, if he isn't superman, he is pretty close.

2. He pampers you

Seriously, this man of yours is constantly giving you foot rubs, back rubs, and shoulder rubs (amazing!). Oh, and then he lets you sleep in, treats you to a mani/pedi, and brings you chocolate. Remember the time he brought you breakfast in bed - how cute was that? Finally, he deserves credit for remembering your birthday and anniversary every year (even if you do have to drop subtle hints) and he hasn't failed to spoil/pamper you on those occasions, either. Wow.

3. He stands up for you

Ah, this man of yours fulfills all your needs, especially your need to feel protected. He locks up the house, night after night, kisses you good-night, and isn't afraid to threaten anyone who might hint at hurting you - physically or emotionally. He stands up for you when others may laugh, and he isn't ashamed to be seen with you - ever. He is protective of your name and doesn't ever speak poorly of you, to your face, or behind your back.

4. He works hard without complaint

He is the hardest worker you know. He puts in long hours at work and then comes home and willingly unloads the dishwasher. He mows the lawn, takes out the garbages, and even paints the house. He lifts ALL the heavy things that ever need lifting. He unclogs toilets, fixes cars...and oh wait, he can fix anything (or call his friend who knows how to fix anything). He's a pretty amazing guy.

5. He tells you that you're beautiful, and compliments you daily

He tells you that you look amazing, even when you don't ask! He notices the little things - when your hair is curled, when you painted your nails, and even your new earrings. And not only does he notice these things, but he makes an effort to compliment you. At the same time, he never seems to notice when your hair has been in a ponytail all day or when you haven't shaved in a week. He thinks you're the most beautiful woman in the world and he is proud to call you his wife.

6. He makes stressful situations funny

Okay, let's be honest, he makes everything funny! He knows exactly what to say to get you to laugh instead of cry (wise guy), and he never fails to help you to look on the bright side of things. He either has you laughing at something he did or said, or something you did or said, and that is a pretty heroic quality to have in a marriage partner!

7. He uses his manners

He's a sharp guy. He tries hard to use his best manners around you and others, because you deserve that. He tries not to burp, pass gas, or pop zits when you are around. He puts the toilet seat down. He picks up his socks. He opens your car door (at least on dates). And he always helps you carry the groceries in. What a guy. What a guy!

8. He listens to you, without trying to solve your problems

He listens. He really listens. And he doesn't interrupt (at least not that often). He tries to understand how you are feeling and thinking so that he can help you figure yourself out. He also encourages you and supports you 100% in your hobbies and interests. His listening ear and encouraging words make you feel like a million bucks.

9. He is romantic

He still woos you with flowers, leaves you little love notes (in his cute chicken-scratch handwriting), and calls you to ask you out for date night (texting counts, too). He always smells like a manly-man (in a good way) and is ever a gentleman in the bedroom. He loves you and he lets you know it. Oh, and he even knows the exact kind of chocolate you like and exactly when you want/need it. Very impressive.

10. He forgives willingly

This may be the most heroic of all the items on this list. That husband of yours kept his promise to you - the one he made (and you made) when you were married. A promise to stick with you through thick and thin. He is still by your side. He is the most patient person you know. He is humble, and ever willing to ask your forgiveness. Equally important, this exceptional dude of yours is gentle enough to forgive you, time and time again. Now that sounds like true love!

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