Slow computers can be frustrating. Ideally, we are able to clean them up, speed them up, upgrade, or replace, and carry on with a faster computer, our frustrations only a memory.

Sometimes, however, we are temporarily stuck with the slowness and frequent freezings, and we can either continue to feel irritated, or we can accept the way things are with peace and joy. As Carl Jung said, "What you resist persists," so it seems it may be better to stop resisting our computer's lethargy and go with the flow.

So, that means we will have to think of something to do while we are waiting.

I currently have an old slow laptop that used to belong to my daughter (she bought a new Mac). Right now, it's what I've got, so I am making the best of it. Here are my top 10 things to do while I wait for it to load pages or get unfrozen.

1. File nails. I keep an emery board beside my computer and use some of those slow moments to smooth and shape my nails.

2. Apply lotion. I also keep a bottle or tube of lotion beside my computer and apply it to my hands, face, neck, elbows, legs, or feet as desired or needed.

3. Practice yoga. My daughter taught me the Warrior Pose series as well as the Tree Pose, so sometimes I do those while waiting for my slow computer. I also do one of my personal favorites, Downward Facing Dog, which gives a great full-body stretch. The newest pose I have learned and enjoy is the Cobra Pose. It works great to relieve the pain of sciatica!

4. Read a book or magazine. I am currently reading The Presence Process by Michael Brown for the third time!

5. Get a drink or snack.

6. Take a bathroom break.

7. Hug someone. Hug your children, hug your partner, hug your pet, hug yourself! Hugging boosts our spirits and our health!

8. Do Tapping/EFT. Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), has been called "acupuncture without needles." It is a tool for addressing and improving issues of personal development, emotional and physical healing, financial concerns, and much more. Tapping with your fingertips on certain areas of your face and body releases blocked energy in your system. While tapping, you also talk through your concerns and choose to shift your thoughts and perspective.

This technique is now being used successfully to treat post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans; and across the globe, many individuals are using it to improve their lives. Waiting for your computer to unfreeze or load pages is a perfect time to do some tapping. You can even tap on your need for a new computer!

9. Pray or recite affirmations. Spiritual practices need not require large blocks of time. Writing in a gratitude journal is a wonderful daily habit that takes only minutes but can change your life. Keep a journal beside your computer and write your thanks while you wait for your computer.

10. Get dressed. If you work at home like I do, you may be still in your pajamas in the middle of the day. When your computer is frozen, that's a good time to go get dressed if you want to or need to for running errands later, etc. If you WANT to work at home but haven't taken that leap yet, check out this fantastic course that teaches you how to make a great income working at home.

What do YOU do while waiting for your slow computer? Do you get stressed and frustrated or do you relax and make the best use of your time? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!

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Melanie lives in "the coolest small town in America" (Lititz, PA) and writes about family, relationships, spirituality, psychology, education - and occasional other random topics. You can read her blog at Melanie In The Moment or find her on facebook at Melanie Murphy Myer. Her spiritual direction facebook page is Open Hearts Spiritual Direction. For more information, click on Melanie Murphy Myer's Expert Page link above article.