My last post commended Peter Block for his firm stand about the need for the feminine in the workplace. The world is expanding its view on women; how we think, how we work, who we are, and the great value we contribute to this earth.

However, there are still so many of us that aren’t clear about our role, how we make a difference, what we can do, and who is listening. Women receive conflicting messages and ideas about our contribution.

Here’s the deal. We don’t need permission from anyone to KNOW our role, the difference we make, and what we contribute. It’s all there for you and me. As a reminder, here it is:

1. Women CAN (and do) have influence – it’s in their nature
2. Influence is not about power over – it’s about power from within
3. Influence means congruency – or as I call it ‘inner fluency”
4. True influence originates from your soul
5. Doing something ‘to’ someone is short term influence
6. Inner fluency occurs when your thoughts, beliefs, and words line up
7. Soul influence matters - it’s the technique that gets you to the real-world actualization: “With God, all things are possible”
8. Women have the ability to completely influence their life – 24/7
9. Influence starts with giving yourself permission
10. Influence is wise – it is purposeful

What does our power of influence get us? More than I can list here! So here goes, these are my top ten advantages of coming into our power of influence:

1. Live anxiety-free
2. Be powerful beyond imagination
3. Experience total connection – with yourself
4. Be the master of your influence
5. Have long-lasting impact brining about needed change
6. Be in flow with your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions
7. Find security in letting go and letting God
8. Choose when, where and how you persuade yourself and others
9. Find your personal freedom and acceptance
10. Express and live your purpose without reservation

Women need to know what is waiting for them on the other side of coming into their full power of influence. We are influence. We are the present and the future. Influence it!

Real, lasting influence begins from the soul. It is the voice we hear when we are searching - looking for an answer or seeking comfort or peace. It comes about any time or any place. This message connects to the trials, joys and conflicts of our daily life. We use it to discern what is right for us. Doing what is right for us is a selfless act.

Once you start to use soul influence you will start to feel, see and experience a world that you never thought possible. You’ll be creating your life on a whole new level.

I want anyone reading this learn to use the phrase “up until now.” When you find yourself talking to yourself in a way that seems true, yet doesn’t offer up your highest good, just turn it around.

Turn “I’ve never made the money I’ve deserved” into “I’ve never made the money I’ve deserved up until now.”

“I always choose the wrong men to date becomes “I always choose the wrong men to date up until now.”

You can change your perception and ability to influence with just these three little words.

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