Who knew that a container usually used for shipping could be used for storage as well? While shipping containers are excellent storage solutions, fact also remains that, not all containers are worthy of your investment! So, how do you decide, which ones are? We will help you.

Shipping containers from Port Shipping Containers are just one example of high grade quality products that meet the professional standards with élan. You will need to know exactly what to look for when searching for a high grade shipping container.

What are the Aspects to pay attention to when looking for Shipping Container?

You need to know what you are looking for; but equally important is that knowledge of what to avoid (at all costs) as well. If you have no idea, then no problem, we will offer the 10 top aspects to keep an eye out for. Here they are:

1. Online Reputation: You need to purchase your containers from a source that has a good track record. You could definitely look that up online. You will be able to find their history. You need a source with a history of excellence and high reputation.

2. Customer Service: Once you zero in on a good company, you will need to also check out their customer service. They should be available for any queries that you might have. So, call them up! Keep a track of how long they take to respond, or whether they take your queries seriously. A company that does not take their prospective client’s queries seriously will most probably not be a smart choice as a source for your container.

3. Type of Container: If you see that the containers have rolled up doors, you need to steer clear of these. These are usually used at work sites and are not a secure variety, in a ship or on land!

4. Material of the Container: Do not think that all containers are durable. You need to find ones that are made with steel with an anti-corrosive coating. These make the containers durable and improve longevity of the containers.

5. Size of the Container: You need to decide which size is the best for your requirement. You have plethora of options ranging from 6m to 12m. You need to invest in the ones that are the best for you. The 6m and 12m containers cost much less and are of high quality.

6. Damage: This is as important as looking up a good container source. You need to check whether the containers that have been delivered to you are of high quality or not! You need to inspect the whole thing, from roof to walls and floors.

7.Levelled on the Ground: You need to understand that a good container will sit flat on any surface. When you go to inspect the containers, make sure that they are not “wobbling” around. This can cause complications in smooth closing and opening of the doors.

8. Security: Whether you use the container for shipping or storage, it needs to be securely locked. The lock needs to be strong, something that cannot be tampered with. So, make sure that the containers have an effective and strong lock box!

9. Testimonials & References: The source that offers you the containers should be able to offer a line of references. Do not believe their references blindly; you need to look them up yourself. If the source fails to offer any references, then you should look for a source that willingly offers them.

10. Experience: How long has the source been in business? This can be a pointer towards whether the source can offer good containers. It is a sign of credibility. Loyal customers keep coming back to the same source, once they have gained the customer’s trust. So, you can trust them!

Now, have you ticked all the boxes in your checklist? Yes? Then, you can heave a sigh of relief! You have found a source for top-notch containers. When your customers get a good container, they will come back for more; and even refer their friends! So, whether it is shipping or storage, you are bound to be successful.

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