What if you can be an environmentalist and can make a huge impact on the community every time you go out to run? Yes, not only are you going for a run that is good for your health, this workout is intensified by frequent stopping, starting and bending down. This way is almost similar to an interval training incorporated with intense bursts, short resting periods to improve fitness.

Stretching and reaching to the floor also signifies that you are getting enough range of motion than simply running.

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Plogging is a new way to connect with nature while helping with nature restoration. This new fitness trend helps you burn more calories, too. There’s more to unleash with the plogging activity.

Here are the top 10 things that you don’t know about plogging;

1. Plogging is a new and trending eco-conscious exercise rooted from Sweden. This activity is a combined way of jogging and picking up litter.

2. The term “plogging” is a term originated from Swedish for “pick up” and “plocka up” a portmanteau of jogging.

3. A Swedish-based fitness app Lifesum involves plogging an exercise or a 30-minute plog that burns around 288 calories burned just by jogging alone.

4. Plogging began in 2016 as an eco-conscious exercise that benefits not only the physical aspect but also the planet’s health.

5. Plogging has discovered benefits beyond the self-satisfaction that comes from making the world a cleaner place through small acts of concern in nature. This activity burns more calories than by just brisk walking or jogging.

6. Plogging has grown into a cultural bridge, with the countries such as the UK, Finland, Australia, Italy, India, Canada, and the US who recently joined in. Since then, plogging has taken on a new purpose, shedding light and purpose on global waste, giving humanity a chance to revitalize the future of our planet.

7. In 2017, the government published the Litter Strategy for England which discovered that the street cleaning has cost the government a total of £778m in the year 2015 to 2016, ranging with 81% of population upset with the amount of rubbish lying around.

8. Plogging is a great way to get your kids and family active outdoors. This new exercise gives everyone the ability to engage in the greater good by spending quality time together thru getting some exercise.

9. In Denver, during the first day of plogging, there were 8 million tons of plastic trashed in the ocean every year, polluting and harming the wildlife.

10. From a medical point of view, plogging naturally revitalizes human body mechanics. We look back from our prehistoric ancestors who have traveled long distances, and from time to time, would pick up fruits, nuts, and vegetables from the ground to eat. This environmental activity emulates their immune system and boosts their energy on a causal and meaningful way.

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Have you ever been on a run through the woods and notice some litter lurking on the natural scenery? Perhaps it’s a plastic bag, an empty water bottle, or a few cigarette butts. Whatever-it is, it is revolting on all levels. Not only it hurts your eyes, but it’s also a reminder of how inconsiderate and careless people can be.

Then there’s a bigger problem that arises: the fatal effect of rubbish on the ecosystem, as well as the natural habitat of the wildlife. Hence, the solution to the epidemic wastes needs multipronged and consistent efforts. With all our help, even our routine jogs can be meaningful and substantial by “plogging”.

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