December holidays are just around the corner and what better reason to go preparing. Here are some basic tips that you should take into account before your rest days.

BOOK IN ADVANCE. Due to the high season, it is necessary that you make all your reservations with time, be it the lodging hotel or the plane or bus tickets. One more advantage of this is that you can find the best price in Deals Points. If you do not have time to do it yourself, travel agencies with excellent help and even handle very convenient packages.

PUT YOURSELF IN SHAPE. If your destination for this vacation is beach, it would be a good idea to make a diet from here to December that will help you lose those extra pounds or keep your weight; so you'll look great in a bathing suit. Here an easy diet that you can take for four weeks: Breakfast 1 tea or coffee Yogurt Fruits or whole wheat bread with panela cheese LunchIced tea Cereal bar Food Cold water or natural fruit Salad Dessert light or fruit Dinner Salad Roast Yogurt.

BE PREVENTED. It's true that when you go on vacation, what you least expect is to need a doctor, but it is better to be prepared for any unforeseen, so once you know where you will travel, take some time to locate the nearest health centers and have the telephone numbers at hand.

IF YOU TRAVEL BY CAR. It is very important that if the transport will be your own car, it must be in perfect condition to avoid accidents, delays or unnecessary expenses, so before leaving you must take into account the following points: Gasoline: the ideal is to fill the tank just before start the trip Tires: You should check that all have the right pressure and also carry a spare tire. Brakes: Check that the fluid is complete, as well as that they work correctly. Antifreeze: change it before going on the road. Engine: If necessary, perform the tuning before the trip. Lights: Check that all light correctly. Battery: If your battery is more than a year and a half old, it is important to buy a new one.

DOCUMENTS READY. If your vacation will be out of the country, you must make sure you have all the necessary and valid documents before the trip such as: passports, visas, identification credentials, etc.

SUITCASE. Many have difficulty choosing the size of luggage, it is always advisable not to travel with excesses. So the ideal is that if your vacation lasts a week or less, the size is medium, taking into account that you should not fill your suitcase because of unforeseen purchases during the holidays. Take only what is necessary, try to plan the daily changes of clothes and save them per day, so it will be less complicated to find the sets. Avoid clothing "just in case". If you will travel by plane, choose a hard suitcase with padlock or combination.

HOUSE EARRINGS. If your house will stay alone for several days, you should check that all the gas exits are perfectly closed, as well as leave the electronic devices disconnected to avoid a short and also save energy. The ideal is that you order someone to check your house some days so that when you get everything is in order.

CAMERA OF PHOTOS AND VIDEOS. You cannot miss in your trip a good camera to take pictures of the best moments of your vacations. If you already have one, make sure the battery is complete and the memory is empty, do not forget to take the charger to the trip. If you still do not have one and you can make an investment, in the market there are some very good that in addition to taking pictures, also record high definition video, find the one that suits you best

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Hasan Root, a dream lover.