's the New Year and we all know what that years resolutions! Traditionally, the new year is a time when we all want to get better this year, lose weight, give up smoking or change jobs etc...

On talking to various people recently, I found that there are typically two categories of people when it comes to individual motivation in the new year;

1. People who are excited about the year ahead and make positive resolutions to improve their lives.

2. People who dread the start of the year, and have the attitude that nothing will be better this year compared to the last one(s).

It's a shame new year motivation doesn't last long for most people. Personally, I never make new years resolutions because it can set you up for failure. Instead I make an action plan of the goals I want to achieve in the coming year.

Self motivation is vital to achieving success and there are a number of things you can do to maintain your motivation:

1. Write down your vision of what you want to achieve by the end of the year and use this vision to formulate an action plan to make this vision a reality (remember that 75% of what we write down happens so it's worth doing!)

2. Take action by setting short term goals (monthly or weekly perhaps). Smaller goals will make your vision easier to achieve.

3. Set smaller targets that may be required to meet your short term goal.

4. Schedule your time.

5. Delegate where necessary, you cannot do everything yourself.

6. Deal with doubt and fear by reminding yourself of your vision. You could stick it up above your desk or in a prominent position where you can see it regularly.

7. Remember that failure is part of the learning process. Turn it into a positive rather than a negative.

8. Use motivational websites on a daily basis for perhaps!!!

9. Read a book a month on subject related to your goals. If you read about other successful people or about how to be successful, some wisdom is bound to rub off on you!

10. Celebrate every time you achieve a goal, it takes you one step closer to your vision. Praising yourself and your achievements is a brilliant motivational tool, it is addictive and will keep you going onto your next goal.

Chris Dawson (Owner of The Range Superstores) said during filming of his biography for

"Stick a chequered flag in where you're going and work backwards"

This had a really positive effect on me and I have never forgotten it. You can watch Chris' video biography at

There are some fantastic E-Books and E-Newsletter available to give you some motivation.

To get you started:

Highly successful entrepreneur Emma Wimhurst's BOOM byte is great for tips to keep you focused. You receive a short email, during your day and it really uplifts you. Join now at

I recently came across a website which has strong self motivational content. Website owner Olivia Stefanino has provided a valuable E-Book called 'Discover how to be your own guru' with 97 tips to help guide you to success. It has become somewhat of a motivational bible to me and I refer to it all the time! Sign up at


Wishing you all the best for 2011!!

Cassie Lang

Do you have any tips for motivation?

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