The hardest part of traveling is packing your suitcase. When we're excited about our new adventure, we need to make sure we look our best. Whether you're jet setting to Europe, or backpacking through Southeast Asia, some fashion elements will never go out of style.

In this article, we'll go over ten wardrobe tips that are essential to keep in mind when you're preparing for your next trip.

A Scarf Is Your Best Friend

A light scarf may be the most useful item in your travel kit. We usually go for long, fine cotton that's shaped like a rectangle. A pashmina is always the right call as well. You'll be astonished at how many ways you can use it.

You can use a light scarf as a swim cover-up for the beach or pool, cover your head and shoulders at religious sites, use it as a blanket, or cover your nose if there are any unpleasant smells.

A scarf is also a great accessory and will change up any repeat outfits. They also can be used as a handy tool to tie something up or wrap fragile items in your suitcase.

Bring One Pair Of Your Favorite Earrings

Earrings will make you feel dressy no matter what you're wearing. A reliable dangly pair that frame your face will add some bling to your plane outfit. You don't need to travel with all of your jewelry, just your flexible favorites.

Stick With Solids

We love patterns, but when it comes to traveling, you'll want to stick with solids and basics. Floral and paisley are fun, but they're hard to pair and don't go well with much. It's easier to mix and match solid colors and have your repeat outfits go unnoticed.

Your Shoes Say It All

Believe it or not, you don't actually need to go on vacation with an entire suitcase full of shoes. Pack one or two comfortable but chic pairs.

While white sneakers used to be a tell-tale sign of a tourist, their actually in fashion now, pretty much wherever you go. Trust us, packing your stilettos will be a waste. If you really need them, it's an excellent excuse to bring home a useful souvenir.

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Even if you're traveling somewhere where it's warm all year round, you'll want to pack layers. The air conditioning on a plane is always too cold, but once you get off your hit with heat. You'll be happy to be able to switch up your outfit easily. You'll be good to go no matter the climate.

LBD- Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress is a fashion staple for women everywhere. The sleek, sophisticated look works during the day and night, no matter where you're located on the map. You won't want to leave this trusty companion, bring it along to take on the world with you.

The perfect LBD for travel doesn't wrinkle, and it washes easily. Of course, our favorites come with a pocket or two. While we always love a sexy dress, bring one that covers enough skin to be acceptable for culturally conservative destinations.

You'll be happy you have this powerhouse handy. Whether you want to look cool on the airplane or ready for a night out, it's always a go-to outfit.

The Trusty White Tee

Out typical uniform sounds a little dangerous. The white t-shirt is versatile, cozy, and not too fancy. It's a classic capsule wardrobe essential. A good tee is comfortable and breathable and not excessively worn.

Cotton tees are durable. They withstand multiple washes and tend to dry quickly. Always bring a good white tee. Of course, it’s best to carry a stain remover pen along as well, just in case of the inevitable.

Light Jacket Always

When it comes to the perfect travel jacket, we look for something we can wear on the plane, train, in a bar, and a car. Ideally, you'll be able to wear it when you go out on the town and when you take a hike up a mountain.

We're huge fans of a black pack and go jacket with a removable hood. The perfect coat would also have ample pocket stashes.

Only Pack Black Socks

This is one of our favorite travel organization secrets. No matter what, we always end up losing one sock. This is a problem unless all of your socks are the same! Black no show socks are the best call. Buy a pack of six, and don't lose your mind scouring your hotel room for the missing link.

Bon Voyage!

Whether you're headed to the rolling vineyard-covered hills of Tuscany or the crystal clear waters of Fiji, these tips are guaranteed to help you pack smart and look your best. You can't go wrong with a capsule wardrobe. Packing light is the best way to have a carefree and life-changing adventure.

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