Hawaii people love to travel, especially to...VEGAS! Going on a vacation or being away from home gives you a sense of freedom. Sometimes this freedom ends up causing you to go off of your regular diet, eating things you never would at home and in amounts and frequencies you wouldn't ever dare. My clients have often had plans to go on trips or vacations while trying to do my program. With the right tips and coaching they were able to enjoy themselves and not be fearful of jumping on the scale when they got home. You can too. Follow the 10 tips listed below and be on your way to a self-empowering trip!

  • Find out what they are serving @ your hotel. Sometimes hotel food is the most convenient but most of the time it isn't always the best. Learn about the hotel restaurants, and what type of foods they are serving. Find the closest, freshest food places. Remember extra effort produces the best results.
  • Know where the nearest market is. Find the nearest market that sells organic food. Whole foods, Trader Joes or any local supermarket that has fresh, preferrably organic foods are the best. Go there and immediately buy fresh fruits and healthy snacks. Look for a farmer's market. Make it one of your outings. It's alway fun to see what the local farmers are selling and they usually have great deals.
  • Let the people you travel with know your plans. You are going to be eating healthy and don't feel bad about it or let people make you feel bad. Anticipate their reaction. If you're traveling with people who are constantly eating and snacking then you might have a bit of a challenge traveling with them. Make your plan and stick to it.
  • No eating at chain restaurants. When traveling, I'm shocked too see how long the lines are for certain chain food resturaunts. Look into these restaurants, if more than 50% of the people patronizing the restaurant are obese, avoid eating there.
  • Blog or journal daily. Theres nothing better than journaling to keep you focused in your diet. Daily journals increase your awarness of what food you eat, how that food makes your body feel and how you felt about making the decision to eat or not to eat (the emotional aspect). Its a really good idea to try on clothes and journal how good you feel when you fit your size. This will keep you motivated to stick to your plan. If you didn't like how your clothes fit, go to www.wellnessbridge.net and learn how so many people have been able to fit into their clothes from years ago!
  • Make rules and follow them. You don't have to have a huge list of do's and don'ts but at least set parameters for certain things and stick to them. For instance: no packaged snacks (chips, cookies, candy bars,). You can still snack, but you don't want to get into a habit of eating chips and cookies through the whole trip. Another example: only water. This might sound weird, but limit yourself to water, no soda, sweet milky drinks, high-fructose filled drinks (drinks you are likely to consume all day long). Have alcohol only in moderation. Again, the rules are not to make you hate your trip, just to give you some guide lines.
  • Continue to weigh in daily. Bring your scale, check if the hotel has one in the room or buy one. Tip: Usually the fitness centers in hotels have a scale. If it's just a weekend, and depending on where you are at in your program you may not need it, but for a trip longer than 5 days, you need a scale. You can't gain weight on accident if you weigh in daily.
  • Limit your carb consumption. Restaurant eating will set the scenario for carb overload: bread before the meal, the two starches with the meal and desert. For me, I choose to limit my carb consumption on trips. It its easier for me if I just said no altogether. It's a bit hard to resist while dining, but I feel great when I walk out of the restaurant not feeling loaded down with food and eaters remorse.
  • Take your supplements. Take your daily supplements, especially when you are traveling. Just the act of doing this will continue to reinforce in your mind and body that you and your health are the priority. Digestive enzymes can be a lifesaver on a trip.
  • Visit the hotel gym. You have excess calories in your body? Exercise is a useful tool especially on trips, I did it and you know how much I don't like exercise. It's not like your going to drop 10 pounds while you're vacationing, but at least keeping your health and your weight as a priority.
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Brandy Lokelani Sinoto was born and raised in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii as a child of Holistic Health. Her father a lomilomi healer of 40 years molded the way for her to follow in his footsteps. She is certified in Contact Reflex Analysis (C.R.A.) and also practices NeuroEmotional Technique. She is proficient at energy work, applied kenisiology and muscle testing. Brandy worked as a Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach for five years when she finally came to the realization "enough was enough" and she had to get her clients skinny. She stopped her practice, traveled to the main land and revisited her mentors to pick apart the physical and emotional puzzle of weight loss.

Three years ago she reopened her practice to focus solely on Weight Loss. Brandy's mother was her first client. Her mom successfully lost 45 pounds and went from a size 18 to a size 10 in just 4 months and has maintained her weight for the past 3 years! Since then, Brandy has helped hundreds in her community lose thousands of pounds and has been voted Hawaii's most successful weight loss program. Her guaranteed weight loss program can now be accessed online through live interactive tutorials.

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