If you are already attuned and assigned your own High-Self committees during the Spiritual Response Therapy class, here’s some tips to working with them.

1. Years back, most of the time I depend on pendulum to get answer, but I think it is about how to “BE” with them instead of “DO”. I imagine myself as a Ascended Master, same as them, no high or low, no small or big. We are the same.
2. Fake it until you make it. Fake myself as part of them, fake yourself I am already communicate with them, fake yourself they are presence with you all the time. When you create a new sub-conscious programming that you are working them all the time. You are already working with them.
3. Affirmation, Affirm this whenever you think of it in your daily life. Spirits and I are one, we work together as a team. I think most of us only say it while we are using pendulum right? I suggest you affirm it whenever and wherever you can.
4. Prayer, say a prayer everyday that what you want. i personally like Huna Prayer, you can search the huna prayer format from the internet. it is powerful.
5. Say Hello to them, even they don’t hello back in word physically.
6. When you are going out with your friends, when you asking your friend with a question, you don’t consciously expect they will answer it back right? Because you know they are surely will answer back something… Why? You just know. Same apply to HighSelf.
7. Meditate, Meditate and Meditate. i do conscious and active meditatation more, i visualise the light, i visualise the vibrant colour and connection with them.
8. Feel them with emotion and love, express love to them, you do not only communicate with them through mental body, you can communicate with them through emotional body. Communicate with High Self doesn’t mean only through word or language, you can communicate with them through expression of feeling, express love, express gratitude, express compassion to them, they will do the same back I am guarantee you here. Mark my word.
9. Dream, ask High Self to give you daily guidance in dream before sleep. I receive a lot of guidance and inspiration through dream. You can do that too.
10. Persistence and endurance – make it as daily habit for all the points above, do it as often as you can every day. I am sure you can see results after 21 days (practice 21 days without-stop).
If still couldn’t feel anything? Talk to me.

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Darreck has been practicing SRT and pendulum dowsing since 2004. He is dedicated to the sharing of his knowledge and experience with others in this advanced Soul and multi-dimensional clearing & healing technique, having personally benefited from SRT himself.

Darreck experienced a powerful transformation in his life with the simple application of the SRT tool. SRT is easy to apply, and the effect is profound and immediate.

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