What are two of the most important things you need to know about designer outfits? They are expensive and delicate. Anyone who owns one shouldn't treat it like ordinary clothing. There are many difficulties involved in caring for these high-end clothing, and they must be kept in mind as you attempt to clean them. We will walk you through some tips to help you to clean your outfit

1) Read That Tag

We can't stress enough on how important this step is before you clean anything. The tag or the label that comes with your outfit may seem a little useless but trust us, it's not. Check to see if it says "hand-wash only" or "dry-clean only" and make sure that you follow the instructions to the dot.

2) Learn to Hand Wash

If you own designer clothes, then learn how to hand wash them. Designer outfits may be "hand wash-only" and knowing your way around delicate soaps will stop you from having to run to the shop every time you need to have your outfit cleaned.

3) Immediately Wash Stains

If your outfit is stained then wash it immediately, according to the instructions on the label. Refer to one of our previous blogs on how to remove stains. You need to tend to it before the stain dries. Organic stains like the ones made by food or blood may become permanent if left unattended.

4) Use the Right Water

Make sure that you wash organic stains with cold water. If the stain is inorganic like oil or dirt etc. then you need to wash them with hot water.

5) Soak it

If your outfit is stained and you can't wash it immediately, then soak it in the appropriate water as soon as possible. Soaking them will loosen the stain and make it easier for you to clean your outfit.

6) Air Dry the Outfit Flat

If you wash the outfit yourself then make sure you dry it the right way. You need to spread your outfit flat on a clean surface while allowing it to air dry. This is a long procedure but it's essential for the maintenance of your outfit.

7) Using Washing Machine the Right Way

It is not advisable to wash your designer clothes in a washing machine. Still, if you must, then make sure you use the new machines with an option to wash gently. Old machines with big centrifuges can ruin your outfit.

8) Find The Right Dry Cleaner

If you dry clean your clothes from an outside vendor, then be sure to find the right one. Choose a dry cleaner who has experience cleaning designer clothes; for example, Londri- Best Laundry Services.

9) How to Store These Outfits?

Make sure to store them in a dark and dry place. Also use good quality hangers, preferably those made from wood, and garment bags.

10) Buy A Good Steamer

If you want to save yourself the trouble of washing your clothes then buy a good steamer, it will clean and iron your outfits at the same time. Designer clothes are delicate and it is recommended that they are handled with extreme care.

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