If you are thinking about using outdoor banners to advertise a product or service the following tips will ensure your design is more effective.

Firstly, an outdoor banner can come in many different sizes. The size required depends on the location you want to place it. If you expect your banner to be viewed from a long distance away then a large banner will be more effective. Visibility is an extremely important factor when consider size.

Next, the overall design of the banner is another important factor. Consider using correct colour palettes, not mixing too many fonts or having a background which makes the text difficult to read. If you are unsure about this then hiring the services of a graphic designer may be the best option.

Ensure your banner copy is focusing on the benefits the product or service will bring the customer.

Designing a banner can be a fun experience but one fundamental rule to remember is ‘Less is more’. Not completely filling the entire banner with text will ensure it is more readable and have a greater impact. The more text that is placed on a banner, the more each word is diluted. By putting minimum information on the banner with your contact details such as a web or email address or phone number is advisable. Remember to be concise but do not leave out any vital information as this can be just as detrimental to the effectiveness of the banner.

Ensure only one or two fonts are chosen for you banner. If two fonts are chosen ensure they compliment each other. If the text is to be viewed from a far distance it is wise to make it clearly legible. Here are some example which should help you determine if you have the correct font size for the distance.

a. Letter Height = 3 inches – Max Readable Distance = 40m – Best Impact = 15m
b. Letter Height = 6 inches – Max Readable Distance = 80m – Best Impact = 30m
c. Letter Height = 9 inches – Max Readable Distance = 100m – Best Impact = 40m

These are only based on experience and using certain fonts and colour may reduce the distances.

Banners can be printed in full colour. By choosing a single colour theme it will ensure a more finished look is achieved. Using bright colours will make sure attention is drawn to your banner, but overuse can actually decrease usability.

As mentioned in the previous point, banners can be printed in full colour therefore the use of photographs can be very effective. If the photograph is of low quality or quite small then there is the potential for the image to degrade when put onto the banner.

The background colour should make certain the main message can be easily read. Using a colour wheel can aid choosing the correct colour. There are many examples on the internet you can find. As a simple guide Black contrasts well with all light colours and white is the same with dark valued colours.

To find a suitable banner printing supplier in local area use an internet search engine to compare prices and service.

Finally, the most importantly have fun with your design with your end user / customer in mind.

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