Sex in second half of life can be most fascinating and here are 10 tips to remain active and energetic enough to enjoy sex in old age. Most of the couples slowly give up their bedroom activities assuming that they have passed the age but medically age is not a criterion to stop. Psychologically life partners need intimacy more in the second half of life than during any other phase of life, healthy and active relationship at this point of life can be life prolonging. Following 10 tips can guide how to prevent the effects of ageing and keep reproductive system reasonably healthy to enjoy sex in old age.

Use of herbs is the best tip to counter signs of ageing and its ill effects on health, herbs naturally elevate body’s capacity and remove weaknesses and deficiencies to keep males and females active and energetic to enjoy sex in old age. Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Maca root extract, Horny goat weed, Safed Musli and Tribulus terresteris are few herbs which are commonly used to provide energy, sound physical and mental health and cure weaknesses and remove deficiencies. All these powerful herbs are found in Booster capsules in a right combination.

Body massage with herbal oils is another tip for males and females both to enjoy sex in old age. Ingredients of herbal oils are very useful in promoting blood flow to keep physical health and stamina upbeat and internal system in proper functioning mode. Giving each other a massage can be quite romantic too and can act as a great starter.

Use of proper and effective lubricants even if lovemaking is not painful is not bad at all. Ensure lubricants use herbal and natural ingredients to prevent any irritation or side effects.

Setting a time for lovemaking is another tip to enjoy sex in old age and pretty useful one. By setting up a time it becomes easier for couple to shed worries and tensions away and get in the right mood.

Find a proper place at home to spend intimate time together, if there are other members of the family and children at home then this tip becomes very important as without proper place and complete privacy one cannot enjoy sex in old age. Spending time with children and family members is important but sparing private moments with your partner is important too.

Spare enough time for the activity and get involved more in foreplay and stimulating acts, touching, kissing and massaging intimate parts shall be given more importance to increase your pleasure and your partner's.

Pleasant surprises can be heart winning at any age, cooking favorite dish, surprise dinner, small gifts and even flowers can make couples remember old days and can keep fresh the charm and bonding in the relationship forever.

Try to become a new partner, this is an excellent tip to enjoy sex in old age, try variety in bed, read erotic and romantic stories for each other and watch movies to keep the fire alive forever.

Another tip to enjoy sex in old age is by keeping mind and body fresh. Walking, meditation and breathing exercises are very useful in keeping heart, respiratory system and digestion healthy to maintain physical and mental health.

Take mild medicines to treat disorders and diseases, preferably herbal and natural treatments to avoid side effects. These 10 tips collectively can help immensely to enjoy sex in old age with passion and fun.

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