Human communication is rooted in the need for a response. It's no less for thousands of bloggers to share information to remind the reader comments holds true for writing. However, one has to do when blog readers are not forthcoming with his answers blogger? Question for the blogger, here are some tips to help blog readers to post comments.

1. Know your audience - the man's most effective negotiating a speaker who particularly knows how to communicate better with an audience is the middle. Blogs, content that will force a specific public response is irresistible to the audience type. Blog content, whatever the subject, should cover the who, what, where, when and why readers.

2. Understanding emotional intelligence - ovations an emotionally affected by what has been reported from the scene are the product of the audience. The physical response or direct our emotional quotient investment is linked to a specific area. Politics and sport are key examples of areas of high EQ. If a blog theme for blogger is a high EQ, and more for the same level of equalization, which then react accordingly is likely to attract readers with.

3. Create a new content and innovative - there is a motion content blog comments that have already broken into a number of other blog sites, some of the readers. This does not mean that every blog is to repeat a particular topic. Not mean, however, does the subject to be written to add value to a targeted audience. The same information for the media to write a blog for accountants in how it was written for online merchants should be separated from.

4. Simplify the review process - removing barriers to early intervention will result in a large number of comments. Instead of requiring a log, an invitation to join the blogging community with a comment, consider pop-up message. Also, after each section and fill in the comment fields only at the end of the provision.

5. Optimized content and commentary - the ultimate goal of the blog to create a community around a particular topic, then use the personal pronouns in both content and blogger reactions. It more blog readers make a connection to be more comfortable in the publication of your comments will adapt.

6. Apply to "open a repetition elsewhere, inviting readers to post comments to your blog, especially women., Their opinions more easily provide the first time we've asked. An invitation to offer some assurance that Comments are most welcome indeed.

7. Respond quickly "for an answer is needed is a two way street. My blog readers who comment with an answer, even if it is a receipt Reward. People be recognized for their efforts to to continue to comment on.

8. Schedule Change - let readers know when they expect new material and can stick to a predetermined schedule. Blog readers get bored easily and without hesitation move your attention to another site. Powered readers and thus are likely to make a comment.

9. Survey your readers - Trends change quickly for blogs. Accordingly, it is important that the blog readers to stay ahead of any changes. Periodically, a short survey to help determine if the blog is to keep blogs with the reader's interest.

10. Monitor and analyze the comments - the tone and frequency of blog comments to help determine if the blog directly to meeting the needs of our readers can make changes to. As the EQ levels, so comments and readership fall.

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