On the morning of January 29, thick mist on the Jaipur-Agra thruway caused a kilometer long, 30 vehicles heap up, murdering one and harming 15. Its a well known fact that driving in the haze can be a total street security bad dream, notwithstanding for the most experienced and certain drivers, and a solitary slip can cause huge mishaps. Consistently, North India observes different mishaps because of the thick haze that sets over the district in the long stretches of December and January.

"The thickness of mist is regularly very erratic. In a thick haze, the driver can't see past his very own vehicle's points of confinement. In such conditions driving can turn out to be very testing except if legitimate insurances are taken," Delhi Traffic Police Inspector Manju Singh clarifies.

Here are a few hints to remain safe while driving through thick haze.
1. Set the headlights on low pillar

It is basic to see and be seen on a foggy day when the perceivability is now low. Setting the headlights on low shaft can help with this. Utilizing headlights on high-bar is ill advised on the grounds that the haze really mirrors this light back, preventing the driver's vision.

In the event that the perceivability dips under 100 meters, it is a smart thought to turn on the vehicle's haze light (if your vehicle is outfitted with one).

2. Decrease your speed

Since perceivability is so poor, it can inspire hard to measure your environment or respond rapidly enough to constant street conditions on the off chance that you are speeding. Driving at a sensibly moderate pace better prepares you to respond to the street and traffic and stop in time, if important. Once in a while it might appear that there is no vehicle ahead and that it alright to speed. Nonetheless, it is difficult to really learn whether there is somebody past the limit of perceivability and not considering this could prompt crashes.

3. Tune in for the traffic that can't be seen

One's ears can be the best resource while driving in foggy conditions. While your perceivability might be disabled amid thick haze, the hints of tires and horns can enable you to evaluate the separation from inconspicuous vehicles. Along these lines, while driving through haze, keep your music off and tune in to the hints of the street.

4. Adhere to your path

With low perceivability while driving through haze, it is exceptionally hard to make sense of when somebody is exchanging paths , which implies that different drivers can regularly get startled and this could prompt impacts. It is smarter to focus on one a player in the street and adhere to a specific path.

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By and by, it is critical to be seen on a foggy street and demonstrate one's aims to alternate drivers. When making a turn, it is prudent to give a sign for somewhere around ten seconds to enable vehicles behind some an opportunity to back off.

6. Attempt to keep your windows clear

Attempt and keep your vision as clear as could be expected under the circumstances. Clean your windscreen within and the outside to guarantee that there are no further hindrances to your sight.

7. Turn on your warmer

The haze outside frequently makes buildup develop within the vehicle, hampering one's vision considerably more. This can without much of a stretch be cleared by turning the warmer on.

8. Try not to surpass

The way to driving amid foggy conditions is tolerance and attempting to surpass is exceedingly debilitated. Your endeavors to overwhelm can be diverting for the driver in front and can likewise get them unconscious, not enabling them to back off on time, and can prompt an impact.

9. Keep up a decent separation between vehicles

Keeping a sensible measure of room among you and the vehicle ahead is a smart thought. This gives one enough time to respond, back off and stop when required. Heap ups are regularly caused when vehicles are following each other too nearly and can't respond when things begin to turn out badly.

10. Remain concentrated out and about

The most imperative thing while at the same time driving through haze is to remain careful and keep your eyes out and about. It takes a brief moment for something to turn out badly which implies that each driver has the obligation to limit a wide range of diversions and spotlight on the traffic and climate conditions.

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