Creative visualization is one great technique that can be used to manifest your goals and dreams. Creative visualization works based on the principles of the law of attraction. According to this law, the more you focus your mind on the things you want, the more likely it is that the universe will manifest these thoughts into reality.

But it is one thing to talk about visualization – it is another thing to actually practice it successfully.

Need some tips on how to obtain some great results? Here are ten tips for successful creative visualization:

1. Get passionate about your goals. Visualization only works when you have got the drive, passion and dedication to stick with this technique. While quantum leaps are possible, energies in the physical third dimension may require some time to line up. Hence, thoughts do not usually manifest into reality overnight. So the more emotional attention you give it, the faster you will bring it into reality.

2. Get specific and clear on what you desire. Avoid giving yourself a broad goal like "a better career" or "more money". Instead, think of specific outcomes, like "I want to get a promotion in six months" or "I want to buy a beachfront cottage within five years." The more specific the goal, the better your visualization.

3. Use visual aides regularly. There's a difference between imaging goals, and making them so real that you can practically feel them. Give your goals a real thrust by using additional imagery. Post a picture of that beach house by your computer, or interview someone who works in your dream position. The more you surround yourself with your goals, the more real they will become.

4. Share about your dreams. Let your family and friends know about your goals. Having a network of support is vital for manifesting your dreams into reality – so if you have got a dream, let your loved ones know about it!

5. Set aside time to visualize. While positive thinking and imagery can be done anytime, anywhere, make time each day to sit in silence and picture your ultimate reality. No distractions are allowed – so unplug the phone, turn off the TV, and let your family know that you need a few minutes to yourself.

6. Commit to creative visualization regularly. Ensure that you stick to your visualization habit. The longer you practice, the faster you’ll get into the frame of mind that paves the way towards your eventual promotion or beach house.

7. Refrain from letting negative thinking interrupt your time. Turn negative thoughts into positive affirmation, like "I know I have the skills to get this promotion” or “Saving may feel hard, but if I research effective saving methods, I’ll have my beach house nest egg in no time."

8. Turn those mental positive affirmations into vocal ones. Every morning, look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and tell yourself that you’ll take another step towards your goal. Again, visualize your goal while you remind yourself of how powerful and successful you are.

9. Get associated by putting yourself in the mental picture. For advanced creative visualization, put yourself in the imagery. Don't just visualize that beach house – place yourself on the porch, or on the beach in front of it. Picture yourself at the new desk of your new job.

10. And finally, have the expectation that your dreams are on the way. The universe has an uncanny ability of giving us what we want – with creative visualization, all you have to do is ask!

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