When it comes to dating, there are just those guys who are far better off then the rest. These powerful men have alpha male characteristics, traits that distinguish them from the rest of the pack. Men with these characteristics almost always emerge victorious not only with the ladies, but also in their careers, sports, and life in general. Do you have what it takes to be an alpha male?

1.Never explains anything to anyone.

The alpha male usually acts as if he doesn’t care about certain things.

2.He has his own world.

He is almost all of the time calm and relaxed in handling situations

3.Takes his sweet time talking.

Guys with low self-esteem talk too fast because they are worried the listener would get bored and walk away. However, the alpha males take their time because they know that the spotlight is on them

4.Hold activities and conversations down.

For some reason in an activity done by a group, there’s always an awkward moment when everyone turns to the alpha male and waits for him to decide. Similarly, in a conversation, people want to laugh but will only laugh if the alpha male finds the joke funny.

5.Is hard to please

If you try to win his approval, he will look bored and turn away. He doesn’t like when people make an effort to get his attention, because he’s used to having people’s eyes on him all the tim. For him, that’s there is to it.

6.Has limited contact with beta guys

His companions are exactly like him, nobody else.

7.Has a sarcastic and twisted sense of humor

They don’t like making friends because they’ll only be friends with Alpha males like themselves. Whenever you try to get to know them, they’ll just disappoint you. They never want you to think that they are enjoying you conversations.

8.Doesn’t care.

The alpha male does not mind what others are thinking about him. If you break down and cry in front of him, he will look at you and step in the other direction. They don’t mind people around them, their priority is themselves.

9.Gets all the glory

Ironically, this type of creation still gets praised even if he did absolutely nothing. He isn’t seeking any recognition, but people want to recognize him in order to win his affection. For example, if he takes part in an outreach program and stands there like a doofus, he’s still going to get mentioned with praises.

Is confident with his looks

This trait is probably the most noticed. Alpha males know they look good and don’t bother spending time looking in the mirror. They smile confidently and know how to make their eyes do the talking. They are comfortable wearing anything, but always dress their best. They take their shirts off whenever they want to.

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