Music on the day you get married, an important part of this special day! Many expectant bridal couples underestimate the influence of a fun musical interpretation of their wedding day. From the sound of harmony, we have put together a number of useful tips, tricks and to-do's. That way you know what to look out for when you start arranging music for your loyalty.

Tip 1: The day is more than the evening party
Think carefully about the program of your wedding day. Which moments are suitable for music? At what times do we just have no music? Moments on which music is often used: the ceremony, the drink afterwards, the dinner and the evening party.

Tip 2: The wedding ceremony
Although there is no live music at many ceremonies, this is one of the most beautiful moments to use live music. Usually a small composition is most suitable for this, such as; a live singer with a pianist, a violinist or a classical ensemble. Many musicians offer the opportunity to study request numbers. This makes the wedding ceremony very personal and more memorable. This is also much more fun for the guests and you involve them in your love story.

Tip 3: Music at the reception, drinks and dinner
Usually after the ceremony there is a nice drink, where there is toast and the cake is cut. This is followed by a dinner. Booking live music at these moments during the wedding program can make everything a little more festive. Because the purpose of this festive moment is usually 'socializing and chatting', it is advisable to keep the music a bit more in the background. A jazz band, pianist or singer-guitarist very suitable for this.

Tip 4: A party band at your wedding
A wedding band is a festive end of the day. The advantage of live music is that there is a lot of interaction with the guests and 'there is really something physical'. However, a band also takes up more space and is often more expensive than a deejay. The live element, however, increases the experience and is more charming for many people than a DJ. Nice type bands are for example a cover band, tribute band or soul band.

Tip 5: A DJ at your wedding party
A wedding DJ often has more musical flexibility than a band, always plays and takes up less space. In addition, a DJ show is often cheaper than a band. A combination with a live musician, such as a saxophonist or singer makes the performance a lot more interactive and gives just that extra for your wedding party!

Tip 6: Passage of the music
What if, due to force majeure, there is no possibility for the musicians to come and play? Then make sure you have a back-up. Discuss this with the musicians you book. A good agency often has several backup options available. For example, DJ Niagara Falls is available 24 hours a day and backup options are always available.

Tip 7: Technique
Make sure that technique is often required, such as light, sound and sometimes a stage. This benefits every performance. Have this done by a professional DJ service providers like the sound of harmony, or let the musicians of DJ Niagara Falls bring it with you. Good equipment for live music is very difficult without proper equipment.

Tip 8: It is your wedding day, but there are also guests
The choice of live music is always personal and there is no 'good' or 'bad'. Of course, go for options that appeal to you, but also think about your guests. This is one of the reasons why bands or DJs playing all-round repertoire are very suitable for wedding parties. There should be something for everyone.

Tip 9: Consult with the location
Often locations have quite a few requirements regarding live music. Take into account the following:
- Is the party on the ground floor? If not: is there a goods lift?
- Is the location easily accessible? At historical locations you often have poor parking or gravel paths
- Is there a noise limit from the location?
Discuss this in advance with your DJ so that you will not face surprises on the day itself

Tip 10: References
Always look for references. Have you ever seen the musician play before? Can you see recommendations anywhere? Is there a certain guarantee for the quality? A good experience from someone, or a good booking agency, can offer a lot of certainty about the quality of music at your wedding.

We hope these tips help you. If you have any questions, please visit the the sound of harmony's website and feel free to contact them.

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Misty Jhones