Employee monitoring app
helps to increases productivity in business and helps individuals to manage their sales team and work activities during fieldwork. It manages the communication gap between employees and organization and become more popular after the pandemic. It is designed for managing the workforce or sales employees and keep track of individuals' work activities.

What is an employee monitoring app?

An employee monitoring app is an application to keep track of sales employees’ activities. It is available on android and iOS. It is used by most of the companies and they can see the result in the first month only. It improves the coordination between executives and managers.

How employee monitoring app increase productivity

 Let us discuss the benefits of using an employee location monitoring app from both points of view and analyze how it increases productivity.
As a Manger

The manager can see the task completed and employees’ current location task covered and to so tasks.
They can also see battery and network or signal strength.
Managers can schedule a meeting and check how many number of meetings executives have attended.
You can analyze sales status and be aware of your travel history.
Priority task will always pop up as alert so, it works as remainder as well.
As an Executive
It is easy to view meetings and get details of the meetings like client name, time of the meeting, contact no, and direction to reach the client’s location.
After reaching the destination end the direction then it’ll automatically calculate the distance traveled and time to reach the client’s location.
You can claim travel bills and other expenses.
You can also upload bills and other expenses using the camera. 
It clearly shows the work status of the individual employees.
There is various employee monitoring app available in the market. It is necessary to choose and per your team member and the requirement of the business. As per my suggestion, “Travelize’ is one of the leading employee location monitoring apps in India.
It includes features like
Remote Attendance
Leave Application
Live Monitoring
Dealer Management
Travel Claims


People- 100/- Per User/Month
Standard-400/- Per User/Month
Classic-500/- Per User/Month
Premium-700/- Per User/Month
Frequently Asked Questions before choosing an App

What is the price?
Can we customize the app as per the module?
Can we customize the app as per the workforce?
Do you have a customer support team?
Does your company provide a secured backup?


Employee monitoring is the most used app across the globe, and it improves transparency and works efficiency. It will be helpful to manage and keep track of day-to-day sales activities.
Do you use a field employee monitoring app in your business? Which app fulfill your companies requirement?

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Get your hands into the employee monitoring app and become more productive in sales. It helps businesses to easily communicate with field employees about current location, meeting remainder.