Email marketing benefits for fitness trainers

There are 3 billion social media users worldwide. It is rare to find anyone who does not have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like – which makes online marketing a valuable platform for building and establishing your online personal training product and businesses.

Fitness trainers have to take all efforts and step further to sell online on social media regularly as it is important for driving followers and engage them to be interested in your services and products.

You can use these creative and popular ideas to boost your online marketing business off the ground with your favorite social sites. Driving interest in your online business for personal training and services can be done effectively thru the use of social media. Share exclusive discount, connect with more fitness professionals and be upfront about asking for referrals.

Use these 10 ways to boost online marketing and find something effective and stick with it.

1. Create a blog

Take a step further when you write your own blog posts to share with your group and others. Round up your biggest fans such as your friends and family. They are a sure help in building your business and would love getting involved. As a fitness trainer, get your pulse on what’s new and what’s being published on various health circulations. A blog on A simple 6-day workout routine will get your audience engaged into reading.

2. Rich Online Content

Target your audience to your site through an engaging and eye-catching content that captivates your possible clients. Follow a five seconds rule on your ad to grab your client’s attention. Workout videos that are easy but sexy and some simple total gym workout. Apply color rich content that flashes or moves quickly.

Make sure that the video ads are properly edited. Find a pro who can enhance and create a thrilling video with applied special effects, music and captivating text.

Whether it’s your video or your clients’ in their great shape, show your clients what they can benefit through your program.

3. Use Optimal SEO

There are SEO tools in the market that are available helping the clients find what they look for in an instant. Tools like Optimal SEO can get your site visible by aiming towards the top Google ranking. Applying SEO to your site will make people easy to find you, will tell how many clicks you are getting and what page or content they are viewing. Tracking your progress is a valuable tool. SEO tools will give metrics and analysis to your fitness site will keep you updated and on top of what needs to stay or be changed.

4. Meet and Greet

Successful marketing is not only boxed for social media and the web. Create personal connections with your clients through local events and meetups. You can hold an event or a seminar where you can speak about training. There will be an easier time scheduling and create appointments when you give your clients an opportunity to meet you. You can post online an event to engage your possible clients. The information will spread through word of mouth.

5. Reconstruct Content

Fitness trainers should always consider how marketing materials can be adjusted and constructed differently through various platforms. It will be easier to target audience with the main core message reconstructed by your content. You can not personally interact with your audience, therefore, using social media can help your brand interact with your audience. If your content has fantastic layout and content, it will be successful in any platform you use.

6. Offer Exclusive Discounts

Promoting discounted rates can be an easy way to entice your first few clients without making your service appears less valuable. By giving discounts, this could lead to referrals, reviews and more. You can boost your discount exclusively by sharing it on one social channel with only a limited number of discounted services. Offer the discounts only to people within your chosen social media group and allow them to extend the special offer to their friends.

7. Referral Bonus

There is more than 80 percent of consumers who seek referrals when making a purchase online. When its combined with social media, this can be a powerful tool for boosting business. Make your social referrals a powerful marketing boost for your online marketing. You can make the message stand out by posting a before and after photo of your client (ask permission, of course) or a Simple action personal training. Ask your client to include their progress by sharing details about their weight loss. You can reward a client who refers friends to sign up for one of your services with free workout sessions or something equivalent. It is showing an appreciation to your client with more than a “Thank you” note.

8. Branding

Being active on social media platform is not just about creating back-links. Success is achievable when you build your personal training brand. Clients tend to put greater importance and trust in online businesses that have a reputable brand. The effective way of building a reputation is thru word of mouth. When people are talking about your business, it’s the same thing as building a brand for you. But this will not happen on its own; you still need to build a client-business connection that will give you a positive feedback.

9. Monthly Subscription Emails

Monthly emails with tips and trivia to gym members, clients, and Facebook users to start expanding your email list. Be sure to get a lot of potential clients’ email addresses that allows you to monitor and update them with a new promotion or a sale you have going on. Try using MailChimp. It is a free email service you can use online.

10. Create a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is an amazing app for all fitness trainers and this can drastically increase the numbers of clientele. A Facebook fan page can also be used as a tool for your friends to recommend you to their friends. Create a Facebook fan page that is rich in content with a mix of engaging information promoting your services and achievements.

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For fitness trainers to measure their success, it can be seen through their client’s transformation and the growing numbers of clients they have. These two factors can make an efficient fitness trainer. But how do you boost your services online? No matter how great your trainer maybe, if they cannot find you, then that is useless. Having an online presence is everything.

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