You not only change your body size through weight loss, you also change your mind, you begin to think in a different way .The changes you make with your body size through weight loss are amazing, but thinking different is also a key step to making lasting change. You can start thinking different by listening to what your body is telling you. What does your body need? Gain control over your thoughts to prevent overeating, you are the master of your thoughts so start focusing on what you want to attract. To change anything in your life – change your thoughts. Figure out what is really going on with your thinking to see the changes reflected on your body.

Overeating is the cause for weight gain, so you must recognize why you are overeating, you must focus in on what is really going on and why you are turning to food. Here are some ways that you can change your thinking to avoid overeating:

1. BOREDOM – If you find yourself eating when you are bored, find an activity to do other then eating and turning to food. Make a list of your favorite activities to do instead, to serve as a distraction and to keep your body busy and your mind busy.
2. DEPRIVED – This is why I have adapted to a non-diet approach to weight loss. When you feel deprived of the foods which you enjoy, this only leaves you craving more food. So eating the foods you love, as in a non-diet approach, you are not deprived of these foods. Learning to eat only when truly hungry and stopping when satisfied, or to accelerate your weight loss with the non-diet approach, stop eating a few bites before you are satisfied. This will give your mind time to catch up to your stomach and the feeling of fullness.
3. LOVING YOUR BODY - Letting go of any critical thoughts that come up, and begin approving and loving yourself, this keeps you at a healthy and more soulful level. When changing the mental images you have of yourself, you will find yourself thinking, feeling, and acting in completely different ways. Learn ways to accept and love your body in spite of any negative feelings that you may be having about yourself.
4. EATING ONLY WHEN HUNGRY AND STOPPING WHEN SATISFIED – If you are past a comfortable level of hunger to begin eating this can cause you to overeat because you are too hungry, and eating before experiencing true hunger can cause you to eat before your body it really ready to be refueled.
5. STRESS – Acknowledge and address feelings of depression, anger, or anxiety. To reduce levels of stress, some suggestions would be; becoming involved in a hobby, journaling, hanging out with friends, or exercising.
6. SLEEPING – One of the ways to listen to the needs of your body is to get adequate rest/sleep, to revitalize yourself. Failing to get enough sleep can cause you to substitute sleeping for eating.
7. EXERCISE – Keeping yourself fit and away from food is a great way to let your mind relax and to rejuvenate yourself. Taking time for yourself, and pampering yourself, are ways to keep you healthy inside and out, mind and body.
8. KEEPING A OVERWHELMING SCHEDULE – If you have too many activities going on it can cause you to feel so much pressure, along with too many deadlines to keep. You can become discouraged, feel a lack of appreciation, and discouraged. To fill this void many times we turn to food to find comfort. Slow down and choose the activities you truly love and enjoy.
9. ANXIETY – Many people turn to food when they are feeling sad, lonely, or unappreciated. Leave your worries behind by meditating, deep breathing, and relaxation exercises. Prevent mental exhaustion to keep you focused and to prevent turning to food at a time of exhaustion.
10. POSITVE ATTITUDE - You have the power over your thoughts and desires, to build up and strengthen yourself; Body, Mind, and Spirit. You have the power on how you react in each situation.

It’s also exciting for me to also share with you that I do motivational one on one weight loss coaching with a non-diet approach, I will work with you to help you recognize why you overeat and begin changing your thinking. What you think about is ultimately revealed on your body. As your personal Body Breakthrough Coach it is my #1 priority to give you the tools, support and service to empower you to achieve your weight loss goals and build confidence to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To learn more contact me at or visit my website: I would love to do a Complimentary Coaching Session with you to help you learn to change your thinking, and discover your personal goals for your body and weight loss.

Author's Bio: 

For the past 2 years Lynne has worked with clients across the United States and Canada, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives. She has led a book club and also held non-diet approach teleseminars.

As a sought after Life Coach and Body Breakthrough Coach Lynne offers inspiring workshops around the country, as well as, transformational in-depth coaching programs. She helps clients achieve new heights of success, to live a life they love living, in four domains: health (weight loss), relationships, vocation, and time and money freedom.