Although it is a fact that motivated employees make a big impact on a company’s success, employers often find it challenging to encourage employees to work to the best of their ability. There is no exact formula for developing and keeping all-star groups; however there are a few techniques you can implement to enhance the involvement of your peers.

1. Conduct skills and development training.
Trainings shows that you are ready to invest on your employees’ growth, making them feel respected and valued. Encourage your employees to discuss their insights with the rest of the team.

2. Assign additional responsibilities.
If your associates are asking for additional projects, and if you think that they are capable of handling more tasks, then delegate new responsibilities to them. This indicates that you trust in their skills and may motivate them to do more than what is asked of them.

3. Give compliments in public.
We all like to receive compliments for a job well done. Making the effort to give an honest and authentic appreciation to an employee right in front of their colleagues helps increase self-esteem. Your workers will also appreciate the fact that you have noticed their efforts.

4. Be accommodating to your employees’ needs.
If an employee needs to take some time off from work unexpectedly, try to be considerate. Show that you care for your employee’s well-being. You’ll see that they’ll be grateful and will continue to perform tirelessly to make up for lost time. They will also be happy to know they are working for a caring employer.

5. Show integrity in everything you do.
Nothing ruins a group’s spirit and cohesiveness more easily than a manager who cannot be trusted. You must be ready to show reliability and take a position up for your team at all times.

6. Set clear goals.
Set clear objectives and structure to assure your employees that they’re on the right track. When employees see that you have set clear guidelines for work, they will become more efficient and productive. This also keeps them in the loop as far as company goals are concerned.

7. Have some one-on-one coaching with each member of your team.
Coaching is a great way to develop employees. Set a regular schedule for coaching in order to see their individual progress. Coaching can be done once a month or every quarter, depending on your preference. This motivation method costs you time, but the effects can be very rewarding both for you and for your employee.

8. Treat your employees fairly.
We all want to be treated well at work. Show fairness towards your employees and treat them as how you would like to be treated yourself. When your team sees that you are capable of assessing everyone’s work fairly, they will be motivated to do their jobs well.

9. Strive to give a work-life balance for your employees.
Every employer wants hard-working employees, but it is also the employer’s responsibility to look after the number of tasks that an employee handles. Be sensitive about your employees’ work load to make sure they’re not overworked. Allow them to enjoy and spend some time with family during weekends and holidays. Set reasonable deadlines.

10. Take a genuine interest in the future path of an employee’s career.
It does amazing things for an employee's mindset to believe that a manager really cares about his or her career’s direction. Proper guidance can be helpful to employees’ career growth.

Demotivated workers are more likely to look for a new job. Implementing various effective methods to keep your group inspired will, eventually, benefit you and your company. As morale increases, so does efficiency. If your company needs a lot of team-work, it’s particularly essential that your staff is kept satisfied and happy.

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